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Googling Waxing & Booty Bleaching

From Audio: To The Moon, Alice
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This week, our Google searches are kinda wild.
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it's not just you gonna be come feet? They got you staying up in a hotel girl in a villa somewhere. Mhm. Maybe. How much? Yeah, $75 waxing leaves the bikini area smooth and ultimately eliminates unwanted hair. Complete removal of unwanted hair along the outer region. And in her bikini line, please arrive neat and clean meat and clean. Kind of fun. What's that mean you're gonna turn me away? I know quickly this girl, how the fuck do you make all that shit need? Right? Like I came here for you to make it meet. Exactly. So basic bikini is just hair along the bikini line. Okay. Yeah, I'm doing a I want a full Brazilian girl. Give me everything. Leave a hairless. Where is the booty? What's it called, booty bleach. Yeah. Yeah, I didn't Yeah, I'm curious how much that is, but damn. Some, I got to look at my ass home. Anil bleaching is the process of lightening the color of the skin around the anus. Oh, I thought that it was also for hair. Me too. I thought you were bleeding the fucking, get my damn, yeah okay fucking that I thought that it got the hair. So do I need a boot now? I yeah, I'm dead. I'm dead. I legit. I thought it was from the hair to, I don't know. I people asshole. Fuck you. I know. Great. Fuck. Uh huh.