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Okay. Take me back to Red Rocks. I know it's recent, but please take me back there to Yeah, that was awesome. Uh, thank you. Amazing show. Awesome lineup through start to finish. And you guys really brought the heat. And, uh, it just looked like you guys are out there having a blast and yet at the same time, trying to one up each other and you guys just, like, are on the highest level. So awesome to watch. You played so well together, though. Well, thank you, man. You really elevate each other. That's how I would describe it. It's not so much like one upping, you know what I mean? Because then it gets me and you know what I mean? My bass player can play a lot faster than I can play, so it's embarrassing if I try to want to put them on the speeder. Shit, he'll be like, Oh, yeah, What's up? Uh, so but it's really like, yeah, we elevate each other. There's a lot of energy going on on stage and like, especially at a show like that, where it's like we've prepared for this their whole lives is our fourth year in a row doing it, and you just feel very comfortable where you're at. And we just came off a tour, Uh, prior to that. So that's just a little tour and just a little twit. And we have just played 20 shows in a row together and just feeling really comfortable. We're confident and being able to step into that environment at Red Rocks where you can see everyone's face and the sound is perfect. And you're in this absolutely unreal place. Uh, you kind of get to take that in more when that comfortable itty is there. And that's where the energy comes out because you're just you're having fun, you know? I mean, you're listening to each other and just like, you know, I'm not worried. If I call, you made a mistake. So now I'm going to do it on purpose, like what's up and then be like, but nobody knows. And like I don't know, it's it's honestly, I've tried to describe it 100 times. It's impossible to describe what it feels like playing there. It's It's the craziest feeling you can experience as a musician, like I just feel very connected to the entire audience again. The sound is perfect. You think about all the other people are still there. There's a picture downstairs in the tunnel that's like the Jimi Hendrix experience. Like a trio like guitar, bass and drums set up exactly how we're set up. Jimmy, standing where I stand on the stage. I'm like, You know, you get a kind of experience that a little bit more when you're when you're prepared, when you're when you're not thinking about the details too much and just kind of feeling the night feeling the moment. But you have to be. You have to have a balance because otherwise, if you're not preparing enough, if you're not thinking about the details, then you're not going to be able to experience the moment because you're missing things. And so, yeah, tell me about that. Like it seems like a tight rope of the mind, you know, we're overthinking something and and just letting it blow. Yeah, and and being too off in the clouds and missing. I like how you describe it as a tight rope, or like at the top of a very, very steep hill. You want to be sitting right on the top. In balance, it's very easy to go to one side or the other. Um, I think that there's benefits to both aspects of it that you should always be aware of your surroundings. You should always be aware of your intention while you're doing something, you should become prepared. And but you shouldn't stress out about those things to the point where you're missing the reason that you're doing in the first place, which is because it makes you feel good. It makes other people feel good. And you generally enjoy how that feels like I think we all do. Um, but yeah, you have to find find a balance in that for sure. I've been really, really thinking about that a lot lately. Um, and I'm very happy, you know, having that balance. So, yeah, it's something. I think that it's very easy to go to one side or the other at any point in your life. But I mean, we all do it, you know? And what about on stage? You know, when you're when you get your creative freedom of a solo, right, that's I mean, that's what I would like. Make the analogy to and anything. Whatever. Is there anything to is like when I'm on stage and you're you're just having fun? You know what I mean? You're just in the moment like, Oh, there's no rules. Were jamming. Yeah, like that is definitely an amazing feeling. And you want to have that aspect in your mind that Yes, this is really fun. And, like, let's not get this. Sounds like these people are playing that they're really cool and like, you have to be in that mindset, but at the same time, like if you go too far to that side, then you're gonna miss the Cube, Man. It's like remember to look at the drummer, though. Remember to, like, make sure you know what's going on. Remember to, like, tune your guitar when you're not playing like, you know, like little things that come with experience. The more the more you do something, you pay attention to the details more. But you can't go too far to one side. Because if you're just thinking about details and you're like I got to be right with the tremor like I can't I can't fuck up right now. You're not gonna have any fun and nobody watching you is going to have any fun Because you're like that guy. Looks like he's about to have a panic. You know what I mean? But, yeah, you have to be right in the middle with
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