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Gun Smoke

From Audio: Ep453 | "The Cook"
Last Played: July 31, 2021
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Everyone's dad watched Gunsmoke.
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mm around dodge city and in the territory on west, there's just one way to handle the killers and the spoilers and that's where the U. S. Marshal and the smell of gun smoke. Gun smoke starring William. Conrad the story of the violence that moved west with young America and the story of a man who moved with it. I'm that man Matt Dillon, United States Marshal. The first man they look for and the last they want to meet. It's a chancy job and that makes a man watchful. Mhm. And a little lonely. Mhm waiter. Where? No. What do you want? Coffee part of it, if you don't mind, yep. Mr Green. Now look here, Cowboy Sandy Kings the name Mr Green, don't you? Mr Green, me. Okay, Take what's on your mind feeding you is on my mind. You've been eating here a whole week on credit and you ain't paid a cent. Of course not. What do you mean? Of course not. When a man eats on credit, he ain't supposed to pay is you know, you look here, I'm broke, hank, I'm broken, you are. Look at this place. I ain't got enough customers to pay for the water. The food's bad. Hank. That's the whole trouble. You've been eating it a whole week, You buzzard now. It ain't that bad, Sandy. You've got more nerve than any man I ever met. But nerve ain't money and I can't afford to feed you know more. So. That's that. Well, now hank. Maybe I have been kind of taking advantage of you. You've got a real easy way of putting things. I'll make up for it. How? Go out there and fire that drunken cook you got. I'll take over for a week. How's that? You take over what cooking? Yeah. How do I know you're any better than he is? Well, I'm not drunk. That'll be some improvement, won't it? I don't know. But you're right. He is a drunk. Do it, but you better be good. Only one way to find out. My Oh my that's good. That is good. Oh Chester. Good food. There's no excuse for hog manners anyway, man can get it down is fair. The way I see it. If you're not the one who has to see it. We are dark. Meeting people. The first good food with hadn't Delmonico's and here's Hello, Miss Kitty. Just heard. How are you getting on here? Fine. I'm here three times a day for a week and it's getting better and better. Took yours with a real fine. Huh? He's a good boy. Sandy is. I'm going to put him on pay after today and I'm going to pay him well to You should. Well, the trail herds starting to arrive. You're going to get rich with him out in the kitchen Hanks. They say the words gone. Clean detectives already think that sure changed around here. Yeah, I hear you put a leg on on him at night and chained to the bed. I think I'll start doing there. They are ready to leave Chester. I don't know where I can move or not. Maybe you better try Chester Hanks. Got other customers waiting. Oh, that's all right, Miss Kitty. We have to go anywhere and we'll be back this evening. Come earlier by the right. I'll be here at sundown. Good waiter. Oh, no. Hey joe. Yes, sir. You better go over and see what that man wants. I was fixing to clean this to Mr Green. Take care of him first. Yes, sir. I'll get somebody else to clean the table. Well, it's about time. What's the trouble? I told you? I want these eggs turned over. So you take him back and you just be quick about. It ain't gonna city all day. But look what things that we've got to eat and you are never mind what I ordered. Just take them away and bring them back. Done right here. All right. All right. Don't take wearing cultural. You don't have enough work to do he, Sandy. The man wants his ex turned over. I ain't got time. You better. It is pretty mean about it. I don't care how mean he is. What do you order eggs for anyway? We ain't serving breakfast. He's half one. Maybe. He thinks it's breakfast. All right. Here there. They turned over. Take him back to, you know, Sandy. Now you just make him mad. He wanted to cook more. I turned them over like he asked. Didn't. I know, but he won't know the difference. Well, maybe not. But what if he does then tell him to go eat someplace else? Okay, sonny. But I don't think that you can fool him. Even if he is hot drunk. Where was I? Oh yeah. One steak. Please listen to this. Stop. Yeah. Hey cook. What do you want? That was awful smart. What you've done? I told you. It would be if you're nobody fools me like you wanted your eggs turned over. Didn't you show you what I think of your age? Yeah. Work you, Sandy. No, look what you're doing. That'll teach him to shove his eggs in my face. But you could have killed him with that skillet, throw some water on him and get him out of here, you know. Wait a minute. What sunday he stood. What? You killed him. Mhm. Yeah.
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