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The Freio Music Podcast
Episode 01 - HÄANA




This episode's featured artist is HÄANA. She shares some amazing stories about her life's journey and her travels throughout the world. HÄANA is a classically trained violinist who utilizes electronic (digital) and organic (analog) elements to blend her creations into delicate works of art. HÄANA will take you on her journey from playing on the streets of Europe to playing festivals and shows around the world!
This episode's featured artist is HÄANA. She shares many entertaining stories including one about nearly drowning in water during the creation of her music video. She also shares a pivotal moment when she found herself penniless on the streets of Europe with only her violin to earn a living. HÄANA is a classically trained violinist who utilizes electronic and organic elements to blend her creations into delicate works of art. This episode is on the longer side but will keep your ears gripped to the speakers as she reveals details about her life and career that have never been shared on record. She discusses collaborations with some of the top artists in the electronic field as well as the process she uses to finalize her creations. Haana Thiem is a violinist, producer, and creator / founder of two record labels Paper Gold Records and Deep Sonos. Stay tuned!
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Deep Sonos

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Full Transcription & Show Notes
HÄANA Podcast Transcription
Start out by introducing yourself
My name is Haana Thiem, I go by HÄANA on stage.  I am very particular about my brand because it is recognizable, and what people read, see and hear.  I live in L.A. now.  I used to live in New York and the east coast for about 10 years, before New York was Boston.  I am kind of a nomadic individual.  I love the question “where have you been?” rather than “where do you live?” or “where were you born?”  because that doesn’t say a lot about a person, I think.

In that light then, where are some of the highlights of where you have been?

(HÄANA Laughter)

Well some of the most special places, I lived in Germany for a year.  I lived in Spain for almost a year.  I lived in Granada .  I lived on an island in the Mediterranean called Formentera, which is just south of Ibiza.  Then I traveled through Greece.  I was studying Greek and I was going to move to Crete, but instead I moved to Boston somehow. They are kinda parallel, kinda not.  I studied German, studied Spanish.   I have had opportunities  to play in a whole bunch of different places but, for a moment I realized that, all the traveling was kind of confusing me.  But what I wanted to do instead, was hone my art, and my craft, and my offering and then travel.  Which is how it has turned out.

Great, so where were you honing your craft?  Was it in the Mediterranean?  

It kinda started there.  The really interesting turn of events.  Should we get into it?

Sure.  Ya, lets get into it.  That’s why we are here.  

Well, lately i have been posting old photos of me from when I was 21 living in Formentera and living in Spain.  It is a really Inspiring story.  I think it is important to share the back story.  I feel like people want to know about that.  I tend to shroud myself in a bit of mystery.  I want to let more people in, so thank you for the opportunity.  I was living in Granada, Spain and at that point I wasn’t performing on violin that much.  I started playing Violin when I was three but I was studying languages in college.  So, I bought a violin while in Spain and started playing casually on the street.  It wasn’t until, this was the turning point of my whole career,  somebody stole my wallet.  I had no money.   So, I decided that I would go put on a costume with a beautiful shirt and shall or something.