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Hailey & Justin Bieber @ Dinner

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Sydney does an impression of what the Biebers talk about at dinner.
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Okay. I want you to Dio right now. Ah, little impression of Hailey in Justin Bieber's dinner conversations. So you play both of them and just do a little back and forth improv for us. You like what I do? Like what I made for dinner. Yeah, baby, I can't believe you made soul food. That's like crazy. Like it's like taking me back to like, my roots when I was, like with Usher, you know, like not Canada, but back to my roots, you know, like in Atlanta. Oh, yeah. Now it was the super easy when I just told the maid to get any box. The black person on it at the store. Whoa! No way. And that work for you? Yeah, His name is Uncle Ben. And dinner is going to be on t minus pancakes and Sarah. Babe, you're too good for may. I can't believe that I'm so lucky to be enjoying this beautiful feast. Most beautiful girl in the world like insane. Yeah, I love you too. Um, we're gonna save. Um, I had a surprise, but I know your favorite drink, Kool Aid martinis. And we're gonna have those later too. Damn, You're speaking to my soul. I love you so much.