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Have a Festive Drink Without the Alcohol

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If you've ever had a time when you want something that has a kick but doesn't contain any alcohol, you're not alone.
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it's all fine because there are worse things that could happen. Exactly. Exactly. You know like that's one of those the drinking like you know like everyone says I need a drink or this has been a long week. I gotta get a drink and it's like one of those things like you think you know it's it doesn't have to actually be an alcoholic drink. It's just the phrase to say I've had enough. Like even if you don't want to have, I mean even you may just want the feel of having a drink but you didn't actually have to have an alcoholic beverage. I mean sometimes they're good. Well and you know what helps is when you're with your friends because we, let's see when the pandemic started, whenever that was a long time ago we all initially got together and we had margaritas all day. Yeah, early on. Yeah, we went to her house and we all sat by the pool and had margaritas at a distance. Yeah, we were six ft apart, floating in the pool, drinking margaritas. But it was the camaraderie, it wasn't necessarily that we had to, you know, be drinking margaritas. Well they were good social aspect of it is really kind of the fun part of it. Yeah, exactly. And then like who didn't have a zoom cocktail hour with friends. I mean we were all doing like any excuse to get together and we would all talk about like what beverage we made and like what we were all having, why I have to say that was, that was one of the things that started in the pandemic that quickly just went away the happy hours and the cocktail because zooming, I mean you're still drinking by yourself, you know, so that's yeah, well I think you've, you've um and, and today happens to be a thursday or were today when we're talking today. So we're gonna have a thirsty thursday later on today and all of our friends and so that'll be good. Well as luck would have it. Very excited because today we have with us, Joanne Reynolds and she is the Ceo and founder of sexy alcohol free Spirits and Joanne will tell us more about it. But basically she decided that it would be great to have a non alcoholic beverage line that moms could enjoy that if you're, if you're trying to lose a little weight and you don't want to be uh drinking alcohol or if you're pregnant or for religious reasons, you don't drink alcohol, you can still Have a beverage in your hand, enjoy it with your friends and have a really great time together. And her goal in creating her line was to make drinks that are 100 alcohol free, 100% sugar free vegan gluten free allergen free global plant based certified low carb low calorie, then that would taste delicious and that, that's yeah, that is, that's ambitious and we are so excited because we believe that she has succeeded and all that and she is the mom of two daughters. So we are so excited to have her welcome Joanne to the moms club? Thank you so much ladies for having me on today. I'm so excited. Yes, thursday, thursday, it's, it's a thing. Um, but with alcohol free cocktails, we are drinking every day and don't always, don't limited, there's always a good reason to celebrate. And yes, to your point, exactly with the pandemic, but you know, the pandemic hits. We all thought it was great to sit around all day and you know, drink drink cocktails and alcohol. And soon afterwards we realized that we actually started to adult, we still had to make sure our kids were addressed, we started to make sure dinner was on the table zooming in for work halls, we couldn't really be slurring our words, etcetera. So the fun factor lasted, push it. Yeah, yeah. 10 parents think, but to your point, sorry, No, go ahead. So, um funny enough, I did launch sexy af the same week that Covid did hit, um, which just adds to the dynamic of um, you know, a lot of the ups and downs that it takes as an entrepreneur to get your product off the ground and into the world and be known and drank and enjoyed. Um, but I'm really excited to be here today to share my story and you know, to share sexy af spirits with your audience. So how did you, we told a little bit about what made you create this, but can you elaborate a little bit on how you came about because it's one thing to have the idea, but it's another thing to execute it. So can you just share with us? That's, you know what the story is behind that? Absolutely Monica. So I'm originally from South Africa, but I live here in Calgary Alberta and I do have a lot of girlfriends in California and it was around Mother's Day a couple of years ago and I went to California for the long weekend and you know, we go out for drinks and dinners and lunches and shopping and you name it, and every time we were doing that, going out for lunches and dinners out, order this fabulous cocktail and it looked amazing and I know that some of my girlfriends don't drink, whether it's have some mormon girlfriends, one girl girlfriend was trying to get pregnant, um another girlfriend was practicing for a marathon, like super healthy. And so every time we would sit down at a restaurant or at a bar, I'd be like, oh I want this cocktail and they would say, oh um sorry, what can you make me? That doesn't have alcohol and they'll be like Shirley Temple and then we're like, well we're not far, like, I don't like, I don't want anything sugary or the, or the barman would say, I can make you anything you want and they're like, I don't know what I want because I don't drink. And was just like this weirdness the whole time of like I don't want t I don't want coffee, I'm tired of drinking water all day. Like it was just kind of like a dull, there's a festive feel. It's like it's not even like the T and all that. It's like if you're at with your with your friends, like a lot of times drinking for better or for worse is a is a festive, it's a mood. It's a vibe that you create. So it really is Leslie. Yeah, it really is. And to that point it's the inclusion factor. It's making everyone feel socially accepted and socially part of the cool group and and all that. And I didn't get that feeling at all. And it really struck me to the point that I came back home and I said to my husband, I said you know what I said selfishly, it was a great time. But I don't think my girlfriends had a good time because of this reason. Um I really want to create a product that, you know, to your point, Monica tastes amazing. Low calorie, low, zero sugar, super healthy but amazing and classy and all these things and I had this huge long wish list. Um and he goes, well, yeah, that sounds like a great idea and run with it. And I was like, okay, I don't know, I don't know how to do this. So I did spend about two or three years in R and D researching the industry, seeing what's out there, The UK was many years ahead of us at this point. So I saw an opportunity for us in north America um to create this product and you know, lo and behold I was asking my friends and family being like, would you drink this as an option? Would you go out, would you drink this, would you? And they were like, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Like, finally, finally, finally, so The concept was there, the idea was there and it did take a long time, probably about 36 batches of trial and error, trying different products and doing different tastings and my poor husband was a taste tester and the one time he said, oh my God, joe, he's like, I don't think I can never taste again. What the hell was that? I was supportive husbands are a key when you're venturing off, I think, I mean, Yeah, yeah, yeah, you're you're everything. So I started a business too. And I, you know, if your husband's, you know, if you're not in it together, you know, whether it's taste testing or whatever, financial, whatever it is. Um it certainly makes a big difference in the success of anything. I mean to be in it with your husband and to be able to do that and, and and making a guinea pig. So you actually mix these, created the mixes yourself. Absolutely. So I had all the, all the favors that I thought I wanted. So a lot of the names and we can talk about the names. There are a play on the actual alcohol. But I did do some work with a few mixologists just to get their, their opinions on um different flavors and what's popular and what's not. So I made sure I did my homework in that regard, not just to um start off with making a, you know, a vodka which is, you know, odorless, colorless, tasteless. Like there's like really nothing um, that I really wanted to create a really strong product and that's why the products are extremely strong for creating different cocktails and forming the flavor based profile for any cocktail. So essentially something else like, yeah, whatever, it's like a flavored water or something like that. Right? Leslie. As you would like a gin and tonic, you would use our virgin and tonic. So you know, I think we should real quick and let me know if I'm missing one. But one is virgin when it's triple sexy one is frisky whiskey, which personally is my favorite. It will be my thirsty thursday drink for the day. Abertis spicy yum and how do you say the last one? And mojo tomorrow? Tomorrow, okay, because it had a dash in there. So I was like, I wasn't exactly sure. So is that all of them, all your flavor selections. Yes, that's all of them all six. Yes. So that's awesome because that's you know, and then you have a 16 year old so to kind of go with the parenting theme, you have a 16 year old, so we've all, I have a 16 year old um and we all have kids that are kind of 16 and up. Um And so you're definitely getting into that time where your kids are trying to experiment with drinking and like giving the vibe. I mean how often do you, I don't know, I mean this may or may not be appropriate. How often do you try to like encourage like have parties with your kids where it's like alcohol free because you know now you're kind of trying to be cool but like not really serve your kids alcohol. Yeah and it's so interesting because my 16 year old daughter, you know, I said well with you and your friends drink this, they're like, yeah it tastes good like sure. I don't know like you know, I think they dabble in it but now they're very much more excited about um CBD products like edibles and you know a whole different world compared to when we were growing up where you know for me personally I was allowed to have some drinks or sip here and there at a birthday party. Um But times have changed where I think they're they're much more conscious about what they're putting into their bodies and they do want to experiment but not not too much that they don't have control over their mind or what they think they want to be more present just because everything's on social media so you don't want to look silly or you don't look stupid on social media. Which we didn't have back then growing up, like no one knew what we were up to. Yeah. Yeah. You're on your own and you hope they're they're more aware of that sort of thing. I know. I mean they still sneak into the liquor cabinet. I mean that's still a thing. So what I was suggesting is that we you know you buy one of these you know the Virgin and stick it in a gin bottle and make the kids think that if they're sneaking into it that that's what they've just got hold of it. But what it is. But the kids the kids are getting smarter about I think not I mean there's a way to go but they're getting a little bit better because I know my son was sharing with my husband but he's very aware and he's you know a big strong boy about friends sneaking things into drinks into giving them things that you know pills or things that it always has been. But I mean that's
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