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love this old stuff
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Dude, come on, let's get a third trip. Me. How's the water in the horse drawn? I think that's funny. Do you? You must admit a man swimming in the horse trough looks pretty fully that as foolish as you will with your job busted. Seems like energy finally bit on one himself and he don't like the sour taste. Your kind of handy with your practical jokes, Mr. Next time, it might be better to let a man become acquainted with the local customs before you try to make a fool of them. Yeah, yeah. In the 18 hundreds, the mineral doctrine dictated that Americans put a wall between themselves in the world. Today, however, times have changed from city dweller to farmer. Americans know they are part of the world and close to it, and the more they can find out about it, the better. That's why the broadcasts of Edward R. Murrow and Lowell Thomas are so popular. Each of these internationally known news men has a wide background in the history, the politics, the economics on which current events are built. Whether you're interested in high level affairs of state abroad, economic developments here at home or the latest advances of science. You'll find them presented clearly and understandably by Marrow and Thomas with the touch of wit or human interest that has one of them listeners everywhere in the world. If you're not already addicted to the news. As CBS Radio presented nightly start this week to follow the broadcasts of Edward R. Murrow and Lowell Thomas, they're both heard Monday through Friday on most of these same CBS stations. James Brunswick, ninth Earl of Aylesbury, changed to knickers. Once we got to the ranch. After tea and a pipe, he picked up his riding crop and announced it was time to look things over. Felicia Carson reckoned it was time I tag along. We made a circuit of the main ranch buildings and ended up sometime around dusk, back at the corrals. Well, that's the works, Jamie. These buildings 6000 head of cattle and 12,000 acres of land. Its immense, absolutely immense. And you've been looking after all this alone. You know, you are an amazing woman. Police had to be done. Well, now that I'm here, I intend to take this burden off your shoulders. You just sit back and be the lady of the manor. Uh, well, thanks, Jamie, but for a while, you just sort of take it easy. And don't strain yourself none. Um well, I'm going up to the house. Suffers in a half an hour. What? Hello. I'm afraid that she doesn't take me very seriously. Intelligent. A little change right now. You're sort of unusual to him. To everyone. You know, I've been thinking about N. G and his little joke this morning. I, uh I was being tested, wasn't that? Yeah. And I think that a man who can be tricked as a fool see around here, they figure there are two kinds of no good people, cowards and fools in a rough situation. The coward will run out on you, and the fool might make a fatal mistake. And I showed myself up to be a fool. No, but you showed you got a lot to learn. Let's say you've lost face. You don't quite fit in yet. How does one go about fitting in Palatine? Mm. Well, here