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Heart Doc VIP With Dr. Joel Kahn Audio Snippet: Benefits of a Plant-Based Keto Diet

Last Played: January 18, 2021
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Audio Snippet from the Heart Doc VIP with Dr. Joel Kahn Podcast. In this clip, Dr. Kahn breaks down a plant-based ketogenic diet and the literature surrounding its impacts, which prove far more beneficial than a typical animal meat-based ketogenic diet.
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that heavy, heavy, heavy heavy is there are versions that are showing glimmers of safety. But guess what? Alert, alert, Alert at Heart Doc V. I. P. Their plant based versions there are actually plant based vegan versions of a ketogenic diet. In fact, about 10 years ago, one of the leading nutrition researchers in the world, Dr David Jenkins, who is centered at the University of Toronto and who is a researcher who actually created what's called the glycemic index and glycemic load, reported on something called a vegan low carb diet. It's also known as ICO E CEO Atkins, and they created a diet that was low in carbohydrates, in fact, a low at 26%. Now, in some of these other versions, it's much lower than that and had much higher fat and protein content than the average plant based diet that writers like Dr MacDougal and Dr Furman are recommending. And they studied this impact and in fact, in 2000 and 14 in a journal named BMJ, open the effect of a six month vegan low carbohydrate diet on cardiac risk factors in body weight. This was a random my study comparing this vegan low carb diet to a le lacto ovo diet that was not blowing carb. That, in fact, had 60% of calories from carbs. And what they found that weight loss was similar, that a drop in L. D L Close felon triglycerides were similar and that indeed it could be created that a low carbohydrate vegan diet was an option. What is low carbohydrate mean? It means you're going to be eating some leafy greens and some dark Berries, and that's about it. In fact, if you're interested and you google the topic of vegan ketogenic diet, you'll come up with finding, such as the easy Guide to the Vegan ketogenic diet, how to do it without harming animals without causing excess pollution to the environment. So this resource Keto Motive K E T o M O T i v dot com says you want to think about some fats that are vegan, like avocado oil, canola oil, coconut oil, flax seed oil, macadamia oil, M C T oil from coconut oil, olive oil, red palm oil, coconut cream, green olives, avocados and black olives. And the amount of fats and essentially almost no carbohydrates allows one to get those plant based fats, oils and whole foods like olives into the diet. And then there are quote protein sources for the vegan ketogenic diet listed, and they include things like organic tofu and almonds and more tofu and flax seeds and Chia seeds. And while nuts and hazelnuts and such. And finally, there are some low carb vegetables that are on the list, things like arugula, endive, trickery, beats bok choy, alfalfa sprouts, spinach, all listed with the amount of carbohydrate they have in them very, very low amounts. Some people try and keep the amount of grams of carbohydrates down toe well under 30 to consider it a low carb diet that might induce ketosis. And the ICO Atkins diet has some data and has some mild support that it could be constructed. It could be followed, and it still has fiber from the Berries. I didn't mention dark Berries, and it has some vitamin nutrition, phyto nutrients from the leafy greens and oh, why would you want to do this? Well, if you can get in a ketogenic state and you've got a wedding in 10 days and you want to induce a state that might help you burn some fat rather than glucose to lose some weight, it might work. According to Dr Jenkins Research study, At least you're picking something that has plants at the source and has some science behind it. But what's the new kid on the block? The new kid on the block is thief fasting, mimicking diet. This is another plant based ketogenic diet developed by Dr Walter Long ago University of Southern California under the company L. Neutra, under the name of a five day boxed food kit called Poland P Rolon, which induces ketosis by about, uh, a ratio of 50% of energy being provided by glucose and 50% of energy being provided by ketone bodies on the fourth and the fifth day. By doing this, this shift you are eating 800 calories a day of a very low protein. Very low sugar, moderately high fat, about 60%. Also, some complex carbohydrates that are contained within some soup mixes with King Juan such, and you are creating a ketogenic state on the 3rd, 4th 5th day that induces burning a fat weight loss around the belly without loss of visceral muscle, which is very important because of the specific way this diet was developed. The key things about the fasting mimicking diet is it involves plants, so the protein concern I refer to you with songs. Article is in present and it's on Lee five days. It's called a periodic fast. It's not a prolonged fast is not ketosis. Day after day after day, week after week, month after month, which would be very unnatural and very unhealthy and seems, at least in the studies where animal based ketogenic diets were used would be associated with seven studies saying increased risk of death or heart aging rather bad outcomes. In fact, the fasting mimicking diet suggest tremendous opportunities to induce repair called auto tough Aggie, self feeding, eating and getting rid of the damage cells, replacing them with young new cells via stem cell release, a Rio rejuvenation, regeneration and repair of the human body all done through food, all done through five days in a row, all done in a way that's quite accessible and, uh, in fact, quite tasty. So as we wrap it up, Dr Valter Longo has introduced the concept of five pillars. If you're going to evaluate a diet for longevity. You can't evaluate it based on your skinny waist. You can't evaluate it on Halle Berry. You have to evaluate it on solid foundations of science. In fact, I found another Nobel Prize winning scientist, Dr Michael Brown. I mentioned that does the same thing. So I think this is really is their biochemistry. Is their longevity studies? Is there random? My studies? Is there epidemiology? And is there an overall viewpoint that suggests this makes sense for the ketogenic diet? Dr Longo says it's half a pillar study. It's not a five pillar. It's half a pillar diet. It barely has any support. It has support for epilepsy in Children, but that's not why you're doing it. You're doing it because Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman's doing it, and you're frustrated with your weight. But you've never really committed to a fully whole food plant based diet with no salt oil, a sugar added and that's the diet. You can eat your complex carbohydrates and be a John McDougall Ah, starch of or and have your potatoes and your whole grain pancakes and your whole wheat pasta. I just don't add soil Alton soil, oil and sugar, salt oil and sugar. Or you can change that up a bit and add a lot of beans and be more of a blue zones eater. But anyway, you do it. It's a long term play associated with.
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