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Kloe says smokin hot AGAIN
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hotter than ever before on Do you know he's like 54 56 or something like that in Toy Story 41 of like the biggest films of the summer? I just my my intention is for this not to go to Cheon, whose head for him to keep it riel on to just, you know calmly and quietly and enjoy this and not go crazy. You know, it's interesting. I was looking at an event coming up the other day, and I was like, Wow, what questions would we want a reporter to ask? You know, Gwen, if you could ask you a question, what would it be? Do you still like to serve? Point Break is one of my favorite films that Z been wearing the same outfit for two or three decades. Like a blazer, he's got a uniformed. There's nothing wrong with a fashion uniformed Travis. You have one. It's just a bit more bodacious. Hair has been pretty much his pair of them, pretty much the same wig for the last, like that's not really awake, but he's staying the same, but he's worn like the same offer for three decades. I'd like to do a second intention. That may be a different color. Blazer. Yeah, not going to a bomber jacket. You should jumpsuit a short shorts and maybe a blazer would be. Well, guys, if you would like to see the 15 hottest looks that Quiano has worn over the years goto usmagazine dot com slash stylish. I would like to see that. Thank you for the well.