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Here's Why Disability Isn't Inability

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Find out why you need to change your mindset towards the disabled.
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uh, that's where I got all the inspiration. After I got really inspired, I had to start, uh, my own organization in which I help the people living with disability, the vulnerable that lives in the street, the homeless two in, um, teaching them how to make these instruments and also how to play so that they can have a life. They can have a realization. Also, it works as, um uh, rehabilitation, especially for the kids that lives in the street. They start to think normally after playing this instrument. Uh, and also, people living with disability is also helping me, uh, in, uh, my advocacy, uh, things that I'm doing because once they see people with disability playing the instrument recording and being, um, cold for some gigs, it means that everyone who get to realize that these are just people there is normal as as any anyone else. So they can be re engaged into the community. Because there is that, um, mentality that these people cannot do what other people can do. These people are just, um sorry to say, but these people are just reject, you know, there's this. There's that belief that these are just rejects are meant to be to be just fed and not to work for themselves. But I'm advocating for those kind of people to for people to change their mentality, to change how they see their, uh, people living with disability. So it's actually, um, I believe that disability is not inability.