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Highlight Clip from Galaxy of Toys: Solo Toy and Movie Review (with Spoilers)

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Last Played: December 24, 2020
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The guys talk about the vintage toy series released for the new Solo film, and speculate upon what it could mean for the future of the film franchise. Think about what can be learned at the crossroads of the relationship between a toy campaign and a movie series. Specifically, consider that a Darth Maul x Qui-Gon Jinn set may spell the return of our favorite red-horned villain.
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um, they also released them two packs. 12 pack has Lando Calrissian with the Kessel guard. Um, another Tupac has quite gottingen with dirt from all. And the other pack is a repack of Rose Tico with BB 90 and BB eight. Um, I think these two packs are excellent. I love the Landau figure. Love the Castle guard. I didn't even want the wagon and Darth Maul because, I mean, don't we have enough of those? But they're really actually pretty good figures. And I don't know if they didn't Darth Maul Tupac because they knew he might be appearing in an upcoming movie. Or if it's just a coincidence. Um, that's a good question. Yeah. Um, yeah. What do you think, Tom? You think they knew? That's why that Darth Maul came out. Good chance, Ryan. What do you think of the two packs? Have you found them all? They seem to be a little e both of them right away. I like them. Um, the lando's an awesome figure, and a lot of people coming reminds them of a vintage figure because it's very straight. Very arm, straight leg. Onda, the kessel guards pretty cool. And that that quite gone Darth Maul, Tupac. I wasn't sure about it to begin with, but it's it is. It's a very nice pack of mall. Comes with a ton of accessories. Um, I've got to think, though they put that mall in there, I kind of think it's timely. Although it may have been more Remember, Hasbro announced that a long time ago, but they delayed that to release on solo packaging because they found out Oh, mall is gonna be in this. So let's go ahead and wait and put that out with that because it will make a little more sense. S maybe. Yeah, you never know. Um, Matt. And what are your thoughts on these two packs? I like the two packs. I like all the Landau figures that we've got in the mall. Quite gone. That's good. I agree. They put a lot of value into that. I don't give them enough credit that they knew mall was gonna be in this movie. I think they just got lucky, huh? Yeah, they're good. They're good figures again. Crossed the line three and three quarter five p o. A. R. These air, good sculpts and good characters and they, you know, they're lucky that they didn't get any with as many changes as there were in this movie. I'm very surprised we don't have a constable zoo vo kind of guy e that got dropped. Or, you know, like the, you know, the main villain guy. Whatever, Dryden boss or whatever his name was, you know, was a different actor for a long time. So, you know, I'm glad we got people who are in the movie. They missed the up. They missed the opportunity to reintroduce constables Viviane Solo given. Yeah, Mola should have been zoo vo. They should have given him that role. There's a guy sitting next to Han Solo during the first card game that you only see the top of his hat and it looks like it could be zoo vo. But then later you see his face, and it's not e really hope that they put him in the card game. Just funny that when we when we when you guys when we talk about mo lock, the only thing I can think of is that Chips episode with Donny Most playing. You know this this kiss type rock. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Pollak must die. Okay, that's my xyz. My input for the Moola care
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