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Highlight Clip from This Week in Marvel: The Wonders of New York Toy Fair 2019 and Ironheart

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Last Played: December 22, 2020
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Using the week of February 22nd to February 28th as a template, "This Week in Marvel History" covers all things of notable significance that happened between the given dates. For example, February 28th, 1951, saw the release of Space Squadron issue number one, and February 24th, 1999 saw the first issue of Earth X. You'll get a diverse stash of facts from these segments, meant to catch you up on your Marvel knowledge.
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there. We've got so much more in this episode up now is this week in Marvel history. Let's dive into the week of February 22nd through 28th in Marvel history, going back to 1951 February 28th Space Squadron Number one. I feel like That's how you have to say it. Space Watcher Number one Comes Out, which was kind of an early attempt at our Buck Rogers sci fi action stories. I put it in here just because it was neat. We have done so Maney Space Books, and we would just, you know, Star Wars later. This was a very early take on it by George Tusk A and Joe Minnelli on the art team, which is really cool. February 27th, 1962. Andy Cuba is born, and he's done tons of work for Marvel, Whether it's origin, the the landmark Wolverine story Marvel 16 02 runs on Captain America Casar, Ghost Rider Thor, The Ultimate Books and a great Run on X Men in the nineties. His brother is Adam Q. Bert. You know who's currently doing amazing work for us has been doing amazing work for us as long as Andy and son of Joke Hubert, a true comic book legend. Eso He is part of a comics royalty kind of family and also one of the best eighties inspired last names, even though they came way before the eighties. But Q. Bert it's all I could think about whenever I see that very legendary name is, uh, the eighties came, which was one of my faves Way Back in the Day, February 24th 1999. Earth X Number one Comes Out by Jim Krueger, John Paul Leone and Alex Ross. If you've never read it, listeners, it's a really neat alternate reality. Take on The Future of the Marvel Universe just got really twisted and weird characters. The Spiders Man, Captain America, Who's like wearing a toga? That is Thea Marican Flag, and he's all brutal looking. There's really cool designs that Alex Ross did for the Siri's and it would spawn ah, bunch of other Siri's universe X Paradise X bunch of other spinoffs over. Ah, a couple of years really cool stuff. You can read it all in Marvel Unlimited, February 28th 2001. Ultimate Marvel Team up number one came out by Brian Michael Bendis. Matt Wagner I put this one on here because it's a great Siris of spiky, teaming up with a different character, each issue with different artists. It's really fun. This was the early days of the ultimate universe, where we were sort of figuring out what we were doing. So some of these stories they conflict with other stories later in the ultimate universe. But they're just cool is really need to see different artists doing Marvel characters in this run. So all that on Marvel Unlimited, February 27th 2000 to Cage number one by Brian as R. L. O. And Richard Corbyn comes out, and it's a Max book. It is dope. It's got, like this. Iconic a bunch of iconic covers by Richard Corbyn of Like Luke Ages, Teeth or the, uh, What do you call this? But yeah, I guess it says Cage is like a knuckle dusters. Yeah, knuckle duster. It's really good. Richard Corbyn, like legendary comic book artist whose most most of his work was doing really weird horror stuff in the seventies, and he does this sort of like badass blaxploitation. A book February 23rd, 2005. New Avengers number four by Brian Michael Bendis and David Finch introduces Maria Hill. Welcome, Maria. Yeah, so she would then go on into the TV shows and films and so much more. February 22nd 2006 Storm number one by Eric Jerome Dickey and David Yarden. I like this one because it's this Siri's tells the origin of Storm and to Chawla's love, which you know, has flourished. It fell apart, flourished again. Then he went off into space to do the whole thing. It's really cool. Siri's February 25th 2015. Spider Gwen Solo comic launches by Jason Latour and Robbie Rodriguez. It is just so good that was super important to May. I actually got to talk to Jason Latour recently about into the Spider Verse, and we talked a little bit about how he brought Gwen back and gave her her solo. Siri's and I, just despite Gwen Stacy is very important to me, a spider, Gwen and go spider. So this one gives me the warm fuzzies on. We have a split spied Aries
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