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Highlight Clip of Cato Daily Voting with Feet vs. Voting with Ballots

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An Audio Guide to the U.S. Presidential Election In case you aren't exhausted from the barrage of news this year, remember it's also an election year, an important one at that. Each state has their own rules and regulations regarding how ballots are cast, meaning you'll have you research and plan accordingly depending on where you live. However, here is a basic audio rundown of the issues posed by the U.S. general election, specific hurdles in 2020, and some useful information to keep in mind as voting results roll in. Vurbl Political Commentary & News
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In this clip, Ilya Somin explains why deciding on where to live and understanding the policies you'll be living under and voting for are much more important than just going to the voting booth.
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thistles. The Cato Daily podcast for Monday, October 24th 2016 I'm Caleb Brown. The moving van is, um, or decisive and powerful statement than an election ballot. So says Ilya Solomon, author of Democracy and Political Ignorance. We discussed his recent U. S. A. Today piece on the key differences between people who voted the polls and those who vote with their feet. Wow, you write in U S. A. Today that mobility matters, Ah, lot mawr than voting and explain what you mean by that. It matters mawr for people's political freedom. We tend to think that the ultimate expression of political freedom is voting at the ballot box. But in reality, most voters were almost completely powerless because the chance of anyone vote affecting the outcome of an election is infinite has really small about one in 60 million in a presidential election, for example. On the other hand, when you vote with your feet by deciding which city or state or locality to live in, then you're making a choice that actually matters. And so therefore, foot voting is often a much better way to express your political preferences. Ah, more effective way than ballot box. Voting is, there's a lot of variation and policies between different cities and also between different states, whether on tax policy, employment policy, land use and many, many other things on. People routinely make decisions about where they wanna live, at least in part based on those kinds of policies. Charles Tibu is famous for the I guess the phrase what is attributed to him voting with your feet and eso. People choose thes bundles of goods and services. But is this an argument that voting is irrelevant? I don't claim it's completely irrelevant. Obviously, in the aggregate it has effect. I do claim that it's a less effective way of expressing people's political freedom. In addition, it's important to recognize the ballot box. Voters tend to be less well informed than foot voters precisely because it makes so little difference. In most cases, what anyone voter does. There is very little incentive for ballot box voters to get good information about the issues they're voting on. And in fact, numerous studies and polls show that people know very little about government in public policy. By contrast, people develop much more effort to figuring out information and acquiring it when they decide where they want to live and how to vote with