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Highlight Clip of Naked Beauty: Drug Store Dupes & Clean Beauty Swaps

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In this snippet, beauty editors Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins from the Breaking Beauty podcast talk about their favorite beauty dupes. Save yourself some coin and check out your local drugstore others!
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I mean, I've always been a drugstore fan, but I think even more so now. I prioritize finding deals for people because stuff is expensive. And when you are a beauty editor for so long, you can be in a bit of a bubble. You don't even know what things cost. The fact checker will put it in the magazine, so I'm much more cognizant of that now. But one really good beauty dupe is for the Charlotte Tilbury pillow talk lipstick, which is yes, that's about 30 30 bucks. The best drugstore do for that is the next lipstick, and it's a terrible name. I hate saying out saying it out loud, but here we go. It's called Eurotrash. Yeah, it's like five or $6 and it is a dead ringer for Charlotte Tilbury pillow talk so anyone can can enjoy that. And I found the pillow talk. The Charlotte Tilbury just came out with a deeper pillow talk that's better suited for darken all of skin tones. And I found a do for that as well. And is the Maybelline sensational lipstick. And it's I believe it's called Almond Biscuits, so that one is a good dupe for that newer product from Charlotte Tilbury. Cool, Yes. And then another product that I'm just gonna keep going here. Another makeup product Is the IT cosmetics law Extension Lash mascara. It's really, really good mascara. The greatest drugstore do for that is the lash Princess from Essence cosmetics. Very similar since cosmetics. Oh, really? Is that a Canadian thing, or is it just Oh, no. They are Germany there from Germany. They have incredible factories. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of you know that rumor that always goes around that like these luxury pencils, are made at the same factory in other places. But this particular mascara, the last princess, it's again, not a great name, not really on brand for me at all. But it's 3 99. Compared to the I believe the cosmetics is like more than $25. So it's a drastic savings. Carlene, what are some other ones? Maybe skincare oriented? The best one we discovered recently was we were always recommending the SkinCeuticals ce Frohlich. Yes, right. It's like the Queen vitamin C serum, but it's expensive, right? I think it's is a 200 or 1 50 or something it's what, like $160? Yeah, so it's pricey, and we would always get asked for a dupe for that. And then we interviewed Gotham ista when we were in New York earlier this year, and, uh, she had a dupe for it that she turned us on to which I've been using. And I really like It's the May love glow maker Vitamin C serum. And it's like 30 bucks may love May love Yes, M a E l O V E s. Oh, yeah, that's really good that we did. And then what was the other one? Oh, bio derma. I always use the missile er cleanser. Have you used that one right? It's like classic. So the Garnier skin active missile er cleansing water all in one is quite good, too. That's like a drugstore cheapie. But I mean, bio derma is pretty inexpensive, too. So yeah, and it basically any of the Loreal brands, like urban decay. A lot of urban decay's products are actually done by Nix as well. Like a lot of the iconic products, like the face of like the long lasting face break from urban decay, they have a really good Duke for that in Nick's as well that actually Brooklyn Heights, who's on drag race? RuPaul's drag race recommended that one. Tow us on DSO. I think that one invasion from Exact Queen is always a good makeup recommendation. Yeah, it's called It's called Know Your makeups Going to stay? Yeah, it's called the next cosmetics Matte finish. Makeup setting. Spray that one. What about foundations? I feel like I always have to splurge for foundations, and I haven't gone down the path of like a drugstore foundation. But are there good ones? Guess the Maybelline radiant Liquid Foundation is incredible. Such a beautiful finish on the skin, I swear. It's not far off from the Armani luminous self. Wow, that's how I e No, I swear I was. I was shook when I got that in my hot little hands. And, um, it really is beautiful. It goes on beautifully. It blends beautifully. They have a lot of colors, and I believe it's maybe, like $12. Yeah, I love Maybelline foundations. They're really good for the price. Okay, so that those air drugstore faves I love an inexpensive or less I should say, less expensive beauty. Prada