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Liz Rose is the 2nd youngest Canadian to summit Mt. Everest. In this snippet from Tea With a Titan, she describes her experience summitting.
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It's about a dining room table for 66 people could sit around like a square table for real. Yeah, so when you have 200 people summiting from the Tibet side that day, is it? Also, I talk about Climber's code. Is there also a climber's code not to hog the dining room table for too long? Like, is it almost like everybody is entitled there? Five minutes? How does that work? Yeah, it's kind of just like clumps of people around. And then you'll go up a little ways to get your picture like, because the top itself it's also, um, there's areas where you can't even step like my Sherpa had me practically on a leash, because if you step in one area, then it's gonna break away. So people are kind of doing photos around. The summit will go up for, like, a second, but there's little area around where and so, um, how many of you then, when you had your experience on the dining room table for lack of a better? But that's a perfect image. How many of you were on there with you? Were you on your own? No, there would be about 45 people close to you. Okay, so for on how long were you act actually on that dining room table space? I was there for half an hour. Um, for the area around it and the summit combined. So for half a now, er, you were at the height. That's a long time. Yes. There must be there. 10 minutes, tops. Like you do your photo shooting, you're out. What made you stay so long? Well, I was the first one up in my group S O. I didn't get Everyone has a group photo except for me. Because my ship is like this. We got to get down like we can't just stay up here forever. So, yeah, I kind of tried to wait for people but didn't happen. Describe the feeling of being at the top of the world. It was incredible. It was such a beautiful day. And you could just see for miles and miles of other mountain peaks in the Himalayas and pure blue sky. And what flags did you hold up? I held up the Canada flag and the Vancouver Canucks flag hockey. I knew that. That's why I was asking when I was getting ready to chat with you and I found the clip of you with Trevor Linden. So tell people who Trevor Linden is. Trevor Linden was connect Flair. And now he's president of, like, Vancouver Canucks, which is our hockey team here in Vancouver. So clearly your die hard. Yeah, on dso was Trevor Linden like, so in awe of you. Oh, yeah, because he's an adventurous guy, so he just had question after question. It was so excited about it. I can't even believe and correct me if I'm wrong. But did they not take the photo of you at the top of Everest holding the connects flag and have it put up at Rogers Arena? Yeah, I brought them the flag s. Oh, yeah, it's hanging there now. Eso fantastic. Um, so when you're summiting from the Tibet side, are there also people summiting from the Nepal side who are there at the same time at summit on our day there wasn't, or at least not that I know of. A lot of them went much earlier, and that's because of weather patterns. Yeah, okay, so it's sort of like it's not like, uh, ants crawling up two sides of the same um, mountain. And then there's going to just be mayhem at the top. It's basically like the tab. That side is doing it at one time based on the weather. And to that, the Nepal side is doing it in another time, and the Onley point they meet is at the summit. Okay, this is going to be probably the most naive question ever. Is it possible to climb up one side and go down the other? It is possible, um