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Highlight Clip of The Addicted to Fitness Podcast: Advantages & Disadvantages of the Pescatarian Diet

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In this snippet from The Addicted to Fitness Podcast, Nick and Shannon go over the best fish to consume as part of a pescatarian diet. Some fish are better for you than others.
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like everybody is seeing like the picture of the small fish getting eaten by the bigger fish that's getting eaten by the bigger fish is getting eaten by a shark or something like that. Well, it's very similar to how the toxins kind of build up those smaller animals. Um, the ones that are mostly plant based eaters themselves are not gonna have is high doses of mercury because the mercury really builds up in the flesh of living animals. So as you go up the food chain, you know when you're talking about an anchovy or you're talking about a shrimp, they don't have a They have a lower amount of mercury when you get up into, like, the mid sized fish, you know, like cod or even like mahi your lobster. Um, that's like your moderate. But then when you get into your really big, monstrous kind of predatory fish like you were saying, those are gonna be like your hell bit your sea bass, your tuna, those air gonna be higher, and then the ones that have, like the really dangerous levels of mercury. Sad to say. But there's some of people's favorite fish. I mean, it's grouper like here in Florida. Look how much groupers on the menu everywhere. All he to know which I love, um, Swordfish. Like I remember. I kind of just I never love swordfish, but I stopped eating it all together because it is super high in mercury. Um, it z ah, lot of like the toxins and also something else that is to kind of keep in mind, just like when you think about land based animals, the ones that are raised in captivity and that are, you know, raised in big groups and farms and stuff like that. There's fish farms, there's farm fish. Those are gonna be higher in toxins than the wild fish that are out traveling across like large areas of the ocean. Um, that's also going to impact those pollutants. So there's a lot of things actually, consider when you do eat seafood, but it's just a little bit of education. And it's also knowing that there are certain things that you can eat that sort of counter act, the high mercury and toxin levels. So it's actually possible, like one of the things that my mom and my doctors kind of helped me find was that dark, leafy greens are actually a really good detoxify, rare and are good to eat with, Like whenever you have, like a ah, higher mercury fish or seafood item eso. That's something that I've done for a pretty long time. Yeah, I've tried to like, pair them, right? Yeah, that's a good one. That's definitely for heavy metals. That's a definitely a good one. Teoh. You know, like you said, pair them in dark, leafy greens. So but in orderto kind of avoided dark, leafy or dark leafy medals. What's that bit over here? All right, The heavy metals, obviously like you had small fish. Like I know everybody probably hates it. But sardines, the canned sardines, you know, can Mac role and even things like oysters and clams. Shellfish is a good way to go to because they're non predatory. But you also have to be pretty careful about where you're getting from. If it's, you know, the source. Yeah, so it's one thing you know, someone who has a background in shellfish agriculture as ideo. Yeah, it's It's very dependent because, but it's interesting because shellfish are great filters. They are great at filtering one of the things with the Chesapeake Bay is that they clean a lot of the water. They purify the water by their filtering process, and they're still safe to eat, depending on the heavy metal content in water. So, um, those are great things. And one thing that we've used before I used to have it in my old wallet that I had was this little kind of guide from put out by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch. And it was actually a tiny guide in the head like categories of like safety all the time and then monitor it and then one avoid most of time, and it kind of list. Salt of food also divides it up between farmed and wild. Caught because there are is, like you said, definitely they're farmed. Fish can be, can be raised in small pens and couldn't have Justus much pollutants as the ones that are in the wild. But it's There are some good, ethically raised farm fish, especially in the United States and Canada, that if you can get that option, it's a good option to go because typically that can be a little bit cheaper. Which one of the disadvantage, I would say with the pesky Terrian diet would be cost because, you know, fish can be expensive, you know, compared a pound of fish to a pound of ground beef. It's almost could be 2 to 3 times that depend on what type of fish.
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