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Highlight Clip of The Crown: The Official Podcast: Fairytale

From Audio: Episode 3: Fairytale
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Breakout star Emma Corrin discusses getting the role of Diana and how she prepared. Discussing how her mom was often confused for the real Princess Diana, it seems like she was born for the role.
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on. Finally, it's time to hear from the breakout star of Season four off the crown. Emma Corrine, I was so excited to sit down with Emma towards the end of filming. In her first interview about the show, I began by asking about the casting process. Yeah, it was absolutely bizarre. My age is one of the coolest myth Loki doesn't stressed out people on I got a call from and she said I was so weird on the phone. E got this. E got this call from Nina goes office, and they've got five girls who they're reading for for Camilla on the chemistry, testing them with Josh Chicana on. They want to bring someone in to read for Diana on. They've asked if you're available. They just need someone to read her lines. But, you know, you're gonna be in the room with all the producers and the directors, Andi casting directors. And when I first met my agent, we're talking about dream jobs. I'd love season one and two of the crown. I was just like, Yeah, well, I feel like that would be the dreams. You said that then. Yeah. Oh, my God. That then in the very first meeting when I hadn't even signed with 2018. Christmas of 2018, Yeah, and so this school is mad on. Then she said, Well, you know, it's kind of perfect because it's completely no pressure situation. Absolutely. We've talked about how we think he would be, maybe be right for this role. So why don't you go in and treated like an audition? But also, it's not because there's no pressure on you. So you prepped for it? I prepped for it. Yeah, it was literally blew their socks off. E. You know, it was so much fun on. Of course I hadn't. I mean, I just graduated uni. I'd I hadn't done a job when I went in and did that. And then halfway through, the director said, Do you wanna work on the scene of it? The Donna and I was like, Okay, I remember finding the whole thing baffling because I didn't know what I didn't know particular. That was abnormal, but I felt that something had shifted in the room and I called my agent. Artists like mine. I think I think I might like me. I don't know. I think something happened. She's like, Emma, you can't do this. There's no point getting hopes up there so far from casting this part right now. Talk up to a very good experience and just leave it. Good advice. Very good advice. And I think until the day I was literally offered the parts, you continued to be my I would get excited and hopeful because it was about a eight months or so from that point to getting the part back. When you watch that first season, you were like I wanna play. Why did you want to play Diana? Why was in your head So son say, would So my mom, when she was younger, looked exceptionally like Diana Andi when Diana passed away the same day, my mom got on the train and people fainted because they thought that it was her. It was a through. It was the thing at school that people said that my mom was actually Diana and that it was this thing that followed me throughout my life, weirdly but not in any particular significant way. But it felt like there was something off I don't know, like a present, just a presence that's exactly the right word. I'm gonna see spirit, but it's not a it's not as big as that. It was like a presence on then. Obviously, I loved the crown on. You know, if they kept making serious as I seem, they're going to get to that point. And, yeah, I think he had. Maybe being someone in my family had mentioned it as a joke. Imagine if that happened. Yeah, who's laughing now? He's like, Exactly So you get the call, you've got the job. What was your prep then? From pre the cameras rolling off, working with this fantastic different departments that health Fantastic team. So you know, whether that's costume, who are just the best and the handle, then also dialect, coaches and movement as well. Because there's one scene you know, the engagement press conference. You feel yourself almost watching it, mimicking you sort of thing because that's what she did. That was the power that she had of pulling U N. And kind of being with her just now. Neil it, You knew it. There was a lot of there's a lot of work and amazed, as you say, incredible people to be working with I mean Oh, my gosh, I just feel like I've learned so much because you were Donna. It's so in voice and body language are you almost don't need to say anything. You could do a lot, and I think, actually, do do a lot with just yeah, over the shoulder. Yeah, over the shoulder and the head tilt, which is a classic. Her thing in terms of research. Yeah. Did you dive deep or did you kind of hold back? Because it's just it's a rabbit's rabbit's rabbit hole on a speculate that because there are so many you could read, you could read endlessly about her life. I'm basically a big nerd, and I got very excited by the fact that there's a research team. What a fantastic job. They gave me this, like huge a four lever arch file binder. So I read that, and I read one or two bios. Tell you what has Bean on Netflix. Diana, in her own words, was my absolute. My Bible is basically what I used completely, so I've watched and that the time it takes the most the biggest moments from her life. But from that, I then got a bit saturated with it. You can only read up to one to such a point. And it kind of stopped being that useful. We were joking to Josh about it, about the fact that his mom Texan, after an episode of girls okay, that this really happened. Thistles. Peters. Interpretation. That's the thing. You have to take what you can from the research, but also, there's so much more that you discover actually just doing E.