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Prevent "Sleep Debt" With These Sleep Routine Tips For Kids At Any Age

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Last Played: August 16, 2021
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In this snippet, Erin Junker, founder of The Happy Sleep Company discusses creating a sleep routine for your baby. Sleep is incredibly important for growing children, so it's important that you get them on the right schedule and make sure they're getting all the sleep they need.
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wow. So early bedtime doesn't mean that every child has to go to bed at six. For Austin, it was a good example of where he was a bit over tired. He maybe got a bit of a sleep debt from, you know, just I think he had a period of sort of a childless sleep progression and the snap sort as long as they used to be in that kind of thing. And so if you're not business as long as it used to be, but your bedtime is the same time. It used to be your starting to build up a sleep debt, and so we started putting them to bed earlier to sort of compensate for that. In general, I would say earlier bedtimes or better than late bedtimes for infants who are on like 234 knots today. What I really promote you looking at instead of the exact same time on the clock every day for bedtime is awake times. I'm a big proponent of eight times, so most Children are needing to be in bed before eight o'clock. But for infants, that doesn't mean exactly eight o'clock, exactly seven o'clock, exactly six oclock every night. It means an age appropriate amount of time from their last nap to their bedtime. So if my nine month old can handle three hours of awake time before bed, then say today there are second happens at four. I'm going to put my nine month old in bed at seven o'clock that night, three hours after she's woken up. If tomorrow her nap ends at 4 30 then her bedtime is 7 30. If the next day you know I was out and about doing activities for naps not really thrown off, and they were already done by quarter after three in the afternoon. I'm gonna put her to bed at quarter after six. So I don't recommend a static bedtime at that age. Every single late focus on awake times and then when your child to say 16, 18 months and beyond. And on one Napa Day. That is when you can sort of finally get on a bit more of a static schedule where your child has their one nap around the same time every day and they go to bed around the same time each night. But if you do find when your child is going through some kind of regression or transition and needs more sleep in even earlier bedtime from sometimes be helpful. I'm working with a little girl right now. Her parents came to me because she would sleep through the night until 4:15 a.m. Every day, and she keeps getting up at 4 15 every day and within a few nights of putting around six o'clock bedtime, we already hot or sleeping til, like 5 30 quarter to six, which is still not quite where we want to be, hopefully, but its way better than quarter after four in the morning. And amazingly, it's putting her to bed at six PM That helps with that, because sleep, we get sleep and the bigger sleep that your child has, the harder there nights will be the earlier they will wake in the morning. The more rested they are, the more they will rest it dry. I think one of my biggest pet peeves is mine, and I find it tends to be with the generation above me, says that. Just put your kids in bed later because then they'll sleep in. I'm like it doesn't work like that that is. Never let your baby sleep at Grandma's for the night and try that out and see if that works. And then maybe they changed their mind. Or of course, inevitably, your child is amazing things for their grandparents. So they don't do for you and for you. Yeah, kids are always the worst for their moms. For somebody they know, we'll love them forever, even though they drive us crazy. Okay, so how maney naps, then, um, you said starting to switch to sort of one Napa's static map around 60 16, 18 months. But what about everything before that? How many naps should your baby happy? Uh, but on newborns can only handle around an hour of awake time in between all their sleeps before they're getting over tired. So they need, like 45 even six maps, something on then, usually around the 4.5 5 months mark. We start to see Children get on a good three nap schedule. Normally, they're going to need to hang on to three naps until there's somewhere between seven and eight months of age. Some Children will even hang on to three naps until they're nine months, but usually between seven and eight months. We'll see your child be ready for the transition to a good to nap schedule. And then usually they're gonna need to hang on to a to not scheduled until they're around 16 and 18 months when they're ready to drop to one. That Ah lot of Children get dropped to one NAPA 12 months because they go to a day care that will accommodate one. That I bow down to daycare providers and totally understand why they would do that. Because it's very inconvenient to have a few kids who need to naps sort of mid morning, mid afternoon and only a couple of kids who need, you know, one nap in the middle of the day. And how do you, you know, accommodate that? You just put everybody on the same schedule. Unfortunately, I often see a lot of Children start to build up a sleep debt by sort of 14 15 months. If they get dropped to one nap at 12 months and then we start to see those really early morning wake up and disrupted nighttime sleeps in that kind of thing. So if you can find a day care that will the comedy to to not schedule. That's fantastic if you can't and you otherwise love your daycare and you're like, I really want my child to go here even though they have to go toe one Napa 12 months, then I would definitely suggest in early bedtime for a while until they adjust.
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