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What is a Pescatarian? These Podcasts Will Tell You Thinking about becoming a pescatarian? Listen to this playlist for some great info on what it really means to use seafood as your only source of protein.

There are so many different kinds of diets out there, it’s hard to know which one is right for you. A pescatarian is like a vegetarian, but the only meat they eat is seafood. Whether you're thinking about becoming a pescatarian, want to hear more about the pros and cons, or just want tips on how to cook better fish, be sure to listen all the way through.
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In this snippet from This is the Thing, the "Pescatarian Boys" Nick and Justin talk about going pescatarian. Check out the rest of the episode for more about being pescatarian, Valentine's Day, and NBA All Star Weekend.
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um, we're talking about sushi. I was gonna get on here and be like, yeah, with the pesky Terrian boys because I went to a grocery store yesterday. I'm gonna try it. My G Oh, yeah, You feel me? Hey, Collapse. Can we? Oh, I'm like, Okay. Did I inspire expire, you thio? You did. You did. I ain't gonna lie to you, bro. Like I like I told you before. I love I love fish and shrimp and all that. Anyway, so I was like, man, like, let me let me try this. It's a good talent. Give it a shot. It is, um, and I think it will force me to again save money and cook more as opposed to going out. Um, because if I go out somewhere, and I feel like my discipline, all those growing, um, is not where it needs to be in terms of like going out to a restaurant and not ordering something that goes against my diet. So I'm gonna give it a shot. You know, when you go straight yesterday shouts out to them, having the shrimp on several packs of that, you know, got to sell me. You feel me. So are you. How do you cook your shrimp? I'm normally just like broiler. Okay. Do you Syria at all? Yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. I've never cooked shrimp. That's that's why I'm asking. Well, I was just saying, like, I normally just put it in the like, Like Searing is putting in the paint. Right. This is gonna sound like a dumb question. Yeah, but like in my mind, I always thought I always said that's frying it, but like, searing it. Yeah, that's all. Cooking. Yeah, man, um, in, like, season and join up. Yeah, Syrian is the easiest way. That's how I cook my salmon, because I like to have a little, uh, not burned, but you get, like, a charred taste. Eso Yeah, but yeah, man, I'm Look, I will say this. It makes you super conscious of what you put in your body, right? And even if you do eat up, even if even if you do eat out a lot like it does make you second guess what you're eating and because you're not eating meat, um, you, uh, yeah. You just feel a lot less a lot less heavier. Like when you leave so Well, are you, like on day two or day one? Uh, Okay. Okay. No, don't Don't you know Secretary in Boys? Yeah, that's the name of 42 Pastor Terry Boys. Yeah. Uh, I would love to check back in with you in the next. I will say it's gotten harder, like going on week two, but it's still like, Okay, I can do this. Um, yeah, but like, I think after this week, I won't even crave like, meat at all. Like way. Yeah, and I'm gonna be real with you. I've been thinking a lot more, and I think we kind of talked. Talked about this one time on here, but, um, just, like, like, again with me. Want to cook in and stuff like going out to restaurants and stuff. You really are taking a chance. You know what I'm saying? Like I see people. And, like, I think we all know people who probably like the most, uh, clean or have the best, uh, personal hygiene And then like to think if they work in, like, a restaurant. But these are people preparing your food. You know what I mean? Um, like cross contamination and things like that, so I really, uh I'm trying to, like cooking more. Hey, man, It was big ups to that one, man. That zip, Eskandarian Boy, that secretary in boy.