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Listen as we interview Doomsday Prepper "JDawg" about how to prepare for a major event that could impact everyday life.
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Yeah. So what kind of prepping did you start with? Started with bulk food, things that would last. A lot of Mylar bags, a lot of oxygen absorb int that you could store dry beans That will last you for a long, long time on. By the way, let me bring this up. A little pet peeve is that you know they'll say on canned food or packaged food goodbye or or eat by this day. Listen, you can keep that. Can't it's. Can you keep a 10 or 15 years without any problems? The only thing that happens is the only thing is is it loses minor percentages of its nutritional value. It still will bring you nutrition and calories, which you needed that kind of point. But so I started prepping with basic food groups that I know would last long time that I could feed and survive on. I would have everything from you know, beans and rice to can fats, as I call them, like canned meats can chickens and things because your body does need fat can't be without it. We get big jar za coconut oil and you know a variety of things like that everything that we like, we tend to stock by Alonso. And then on the other side of that we went out and it's pretty expensive, but we invested in some dehydrated food that will last until ice cream. No ice cream, no coming over to your stuff. It's good to eat that will. That will fill you up. So how much do you need? What's the appropriate amount? You know what? You're gonna have to google that Look that up. I can't remember, but I've got it in several locations and enough. I really I can't I don't have that number on the top of my head. So if the grid went down, how long would you be the last with what you have stored? You said three days for everybody else. You're able probably easily. Nine months, 6 to 9 months easily, probably feeding a few neighbors in there without to become part of my band of gypsies. Right. So you have that all visualized. So if you have that you have these caches of food in different locations and you talk about feeding actually two locations you visualize how you would organize after you have had discussions with. I've had thoughts about that. The real issue is that when you look at your neighborhood, if you go home tonight you look at your neighborhood. You gotta ask yourself around you who around here would I want to be aligned, aligned with who's not going to totally flip out, start screaming? Who is gonna have emotional difficulty? Because some people are more prone to emotion. They don't rationally think you have people picked out like who you would want. Ugo talk to them and they know about it. Some people dio I will tell you the three doctors in the neighborhood I would you always wanna have any doctors in your neighborhood? You want to just take him in a zoo. Part of prepping is prepping medical supply. So because I've had some medical training, I've got some pretty extensive stores in that area as well, because not only my own personal heart meds that I back backed up and stored up, but I mean, I've got to What? Yeah, I've got two big boxes by those in Mexico. I'm gonna tell you something right now. They do last. There are only two of them that go bad What's the one that they give for acne? Its's after cycling goes bad and could be very dangerous. Okay, dangerous. But we're like the nutritional value declining in food the effectiveness of Yeah, there's no question about that. Right? So you have to replace eso, but, uh, get to know your doctors in the neighborhood get to know anybody who's a law enforcement. Do they? People all know that they're coming to, you know, you just get to build them. Is a friend most of May Have no idea. They'll know. Assume, Assume a man. Well, yeah, they're gonna find out who's prepped. Yeah, they're gonna find out who's got a generator going. People tend to think I have a generator of electricity goes out unless you know how to make him quiet. But there's also it also creates a beacon you draw you want, you don't want all the part is when you're prepared and no one else is. That's the toughest. That is the toughest. Because now everybody is coming to you. And how do you say no and where that's why you gotta be able to hide? Exactly. Do you stay? Do you stay in your neighborhood? or do you bug out? I've got the option for staying in my neighborhood, depending on the scenario or the option of going someplace, because in the little bit that I've read it seems like most people try toe have, like, a bug out pack, and then they want to get away from society as much because of those reasons, but packs a really easy. It's everything you're gonna throw in the back of the car that's gonna backpacker that you could carry on your back. E Essentially, there's a great scene in War of the Worlds with the remake with Tom Cruise, where he has the only car that's running. Do you remember that? And he's got his kids and they're driving through. And there was an electromagnetic pulse when the when the ships came down, and so at the time, I don't. His car was being worked on, and then he put the battery on afterwards, and it is such a visual representation of like he's trying to drive through the village. He's got the Onley working car right, and people are just trying to get Hey, take my child, take this and they're just climbing on the car, and then somebody pulls out a gun and shoot somebody, and then they're like, Get out of the car and he just gets out of the car and he's like, Okay, and then two guys start shooting each other and one guy gets killed. You don't understand. It's like the mistake that Cruz made was he drove through a town and he drove on conventional roads. He was, so I think so would they wouldn't make that mistake. J Dog wouldn't make that mistake, because you see if you have maps and you know where all the electrical towers are. And it's always clean grass underneath electrical towers, and you also know where all the former railroad lying you have the ability get to the seventies. Good tips, Tips by J. Dog Bug Out Tip. We joked before we started recording and we're talking about your backyard. You have anything buried in the backyard that its's, there's There's no reason Thio, are you critical of other preppers that you hear about like things that they do? And you know all that silly, just just those big, £500 guys that are on a A. T. V s driving around the TV shows those guys. It's like, What kind of nut ball are you? This is one thing I've never quite figured out. It was sort of interesting to me. You know, we live in an area where there's water everywhere. So eso I'm trying to understand when people would store, like, five years worth of water when I'm like, can't you just buy $100 filter that filters like 500 gallons of it? Would you buy filters or would you store water? I would have both. And frankly, I do have a 55 gallon barrel of water that I change out every October. So it's kind of like an account. Drain it all on it, put new water in it. That's from the city. But then I've got quarter filters is well, so obviously the new life straw. Yeah, right. Or you could go drink out of a lake. Yeah, we owe it. Doesn't last long, which is what you want. A Berkey. You want a couple of burke ease that you could pour, but don't test your Burki A. In other words, don't get the filter wet until you're ready to use it, because that starts the shelf life of the filter. Interesting tryout last so long. I think you have to come up with ways of of filtering water. Almost naturally, you do it the old fashioned way. There look on the Internet to plenty of ways of filtered water. You could do with sand with charcoal on gravel. You create a bed and you can recycle your water now. Or solar stills. Sure, all those different. Yeah, exactly a million different ways. So that's my point. That's why I started fast. I mean, I saw I've seen a couple of that show. They used to have a non discovery Guys would have just a garage full of water, and I'm like, That's a little too few few filters. Yeah. The other thing is, you should know where water is available, that you can walk and potentially get it. Or how would you get it from upon that might be like, if there's a pond to run in your neighborhood, how would you get the water to your house? Right. Well, you know, one of the solutions is you use a cart that you used to carry deer deer carcass out of the Woods. You use that to carry a couple of five gallon with big. It's a big wheels on it. You pull it back to your house would be a little more easier and not as rough on your caring. But, you know, you've asked me a little bit about about food, about guns and ammo and yeah, I'll give you a take on a couple of things. If you do decide to get a gun at some point in time or several guns, maybe get a handgun and you get a rifle. Uh, you want to consolidate the caliber of ammunition? You don't wanna be these guys that have got 15 different guns with 15 different calibers and then not have the right caliber when you need it. Less is better in the in the type of calibers you've got so that you can grab and go. Should you have to grab and go, and that might be a better currency. Ammunition might be better. Colonel question about $20 bills, right? I've thought about that, too, in terms of the practicality of having guns in that scenario, a handgun, maybe for protection and a rifle for hunting. But even you think about? I thought about it. Talk about guns all the time. Even just 22 for hunting. Small game, which is much more abundant than wait for deer Rabbits are a lot more abundant. 20 quieter tons of ammo is available. It's if you're stockpiling, it's cheap, it's light. It's easy for someone who doesn't know how to shoot to shoot like a summer camp. But it's not one that a lot of hunters right now go Oh, I gotta have a 20 to it. But for a prepping situation in 22 might be a perfect you might wanna have a 22. You might wanna have a hand, good hand, strong defensive handgun caliber. And then you wanna have a rifle that allows you to hunt larger game or protect you from that crazy neighbors. So those air things that you've got to get a strategy for and figure it out before you do it, then of course, you have to get the training safety training first so you don't shoot yourself or someone else. But, you know, the other thing is, is that you may not realize this, but I was an E M T for six years with our local fire department, and I did it. I was pretty old when I started. It was in my late fifties. I went back to school and became an empty, and I did that for two reasons. I wanted to have a skill sets to do pre hospital care for somebody that might be hurt until that neighbor doctor could come. E. I mentioned before. And the second thing is, is that I wanted it for the experience in dealing with stress, because running the rigs and being on an ambulance once or twice a week can be stressful. Especially when you first start doing it because you don't know what surprised you're gonna get and how you're going to respond on what you're gonna dio. But you do it long enough, and you do it for six years. You start to begin to understand how to manage the stress of a stressful situation. Plus, you get the added benefit. When you start to get a little older and one of your friends need CPR or chokes on food at the restaurant with you, you know it has a heart attack. You could be the guy that knows what to dio. So there's there's there's a real value in taking some red Red Cross classes, first responder classes. You might even go back. Thio, go to E. M T school and work with your local fire department. That's another great way of of doing it. So that, again is all part of quote just being prepared for what's out there.
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