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Classic Car Talk: Best Audio Moments Listen to a pair of wisecracking brothers express their knowledge and passion for cars in one of the most entertaining radio shows to ever grace the airwaves, Car Talk.

Long time auto mechanics, Tom and Ray Magliozzi, hosted the popular show for 35 years, dishing out car diagnoses to callers having issues with maintenance or repair. The two kept the program lighthearted and funny through their constant self-deprecating humor and love for everything cars. Hear some of their best moments from episodes throughout the years!
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This week on The Best of Car Talk, Rita's VW won't start after being flooded during a hurricane. Does it have a future on the road or just as a saltwater aquarium? Elsewhere, Bob discovered an unusual feature in his BMW as a result of his father-in-law being locked in the car for a half-hour; Dan's Acura may have oil problems, if his neighbor's hearing is right; and Chuck thinks his wife's parking brake technique is too quiet. Also, college sudent Kim wants help with a take-home Physics exam. Man, did she call the wrong number! All this, the Great Cathy/Kathy Stump the Chumps Challenge, and more, this week on The Best of Car Talk.
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hold it together. He just cracked it and he ended up breaking out of the driver's side window and crawled out. So you you didn't lock him in there purposely or you did? Well, I don't think Bob's at liberty to tell, Really. I deny all knowledge denial college. Were you having a senior moment? No. No. He's the life of the party, I guess. Well, you know, I mean, I don't know if there's any ready fixed for this, but I do know, and I've seen some catalogs where they sell a hammer designed exactly for smashing the window. Yeah, it does seem like a rather extreme remedy. No. I mean, there are many people who think that this hammer thing is a really necessary safety device, because off all the electric stuff that's going on, you'd be You'd be amazed how hard it is to break a window. As I'm sure your father in law can attest, we actually bought him one and gave it to him for Christmas. A little late, huh? What are the chances that this is gonna happen again? Well, I really can't think of the advantage we're gonna We're gonna ask him when we're gonna find out if we find anything interesting, will report on our future show on their reason for having such an insane little feature. That's great. I don't have to hear that. Thanks for your call. If possible, we'll get you the money for that broken window. Okay, great. You see a pup. Thanks for calling. Bye. 1888 Car talk or 18882278255 Hello. You're on car talk. Just Rita from Pawleys Island, South Carolina. Hi, Rita. I had a question about R v w van 1974 when we evacuated during the hurricane. We left it sitting in our driveway and I had a storm surge of about 4 ft of ocean water that came in, um sat in our house and came up to the car. And it hasn't started since we came back. We were wondering if it's a dead is the washer dryer refrigerator and everything else that does nothing can hurt a VW. Nothing Well, s so bad to begin with when you you left it with the hope that it would not be there when you came back. Maybe it was your neighbor's driveway with the float away? No, it was still there. It was there, and it had been The engine had been covered with water. Yes. And what did you do to try to start? You just get in and turn the key, right? Did fish jump out when you did this? You can't do that, Rita. E. All kinds of things could have happened. It probably did. When you when you turn the key. Did it crank? Did it go? Uh, did nothing. It did nothing. Okay, so that's your first problem. It's just sort of like when I turn the vacuum. It did nothing. Or the refrigerator, the washing. E motors don't like water, especially saltwater. Very much so. I mean, you're gonna get a toad and say instead, Well, it depends. I mean, if it was like a friend, would you just say you did see you later? Why would you say I wonder if I can help you somehow there a place in the back or fix a reef? It's fixable. E mean, there are probably lots of things wrong with it. The battery's probably full of salt water, and it doesn't work. What salt water. You gotta throw that away and get a new one. The starter is probably full of salt water so it doesn't work full of salt water and the cylinder supporters might be full. Sure. And then the pistons are gonna go up and down because they're all rusted to the cylinder walls. So is it dead? Depends on how much technology did you ever watch the show? The $6 million man way Have the technology Bionic bug. We can rebuild him. Eso it. It could be fixed, obviously, but you really got to get it to some place where they can assess. Wait a minute. Wait. We made the ultimate blood, Rita. But do you want to save this vehicle or are you happy that it's gone? Actually, my husband wants to say that I'm not particularly keen on the idea of saving it. Well, is he listening? Get out of the driveway. Is he listening? Um, he's in the other. Well, he's not listening. The culture is it's dead. You call your repair shop called you repair shop? I asked him to tow it away and and then slipped the guy an extra 20 bucks to give you a bad diagnosis on eso when he calls. You haven't called your husband work. Yeah, I'm awfully sorry, but this is $1000 to fix. You know, That's not that's not enough. It's gonna be at least $2000. Otherwise he might get to fix it s o have them. Tell him it's 2000 bucks and it may very well be and it may need an engine rebuild. You may need break work. You may need all kinds of stuff done to a lot of money. My guess is I mean, the truth. If you put a new battery in it and a new starter motor, I'll bet you it would start. It would probably run just the same as it did before the hurricane, wouldn't you? Thanks for your call, Rita. Thank you. Bye bye.