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Highlight of Episode 206 - Sports Conspiracies

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Last Played: June 21, 2021
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The Loki and Jabroni gang discuss the maybes and the what-ifs of professional sports. Tune in this audio snippet for more conspiracy theories of the most iconic and ambiguous moments in sports history!
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what? I'm building up the kind of Syria. The reason why you let go of Dean Milenko is because you want that other company to thrive. Dean Milenko, I'll be it if you guys do not know, he is number one. Look him up, all right? He is nothing on the mic. They calling the Ice Man for a reason because he doesn't say nothing. But, man, the Texas cloverleaf is stuff of legends. And just to be able to just see this guy slapped this thing in is absolutely incredible. He was called the Man of 1000 holds for a reason. Um, he's a technical genius. He is probably one of the best coaches that the wrestling world has to date right now. Think about all the matches that if we all had the option to look at some of the favorite matches, we've had it. Some of the pay per view events that we've done, we'd probably find out those shall not Blanco. He shall not be named Dean Milenko, Eddie Guerrero and Rey Misterio had an incredible match in WCW. Incredible freaking. Who is this man? You, you Wolverine, Jake. But the people's Jones, those air Wolverines Those air riel Wolverines Are you talking about the murderer? You okay? Thank you. I'm looking at India's. He's giving me the player of death. I can't I can't say I e what had an incredible match and why? Because Dean Milenko was in there, and I guarantee you he had a And in that, you know, a lot of these. A lot of these things that you see now these gimmick moves as I'm gonna throw it out there because it is that it's made to make you go. Oh, my God. When they do a back flip off the top, uh, ladder and they fly down 20 ft and they bounce off of a ladder which is on the ropes, by the way, the absorption, albeit is pretty nasty. It's still getting impacted by that rope. That's that's the stuff that they're coming up with now, right? Dean Milenko gave you that pop and that Wow back then, before they even thought of Yeah, and that's 20 years. I mean, exactly So So why do you let go of a man? Well, that I'll explain it in just a minute. When I when I get to the next The next name. Um, just a few months before that, A W announces we're gonna do this. We're gonna create our own company. Tony Khan is behind us. Tony Khan is part of the ownership of the Jacksonville Jaguars. About 23 weeks later, we find out that after a house show W W house show where a agent supposedly let a performer go to the ring inebriated, he was fired. Who was that man? ARN fucking Anderson, Who is? Who was one of aren't Anderson's best friends in the business? A wonderful man who has passed on Some years ago we did a tribute to him on the show named Virgil Riley Runnels Junior Dusty Rhodes, who's running a e w in conjunction with Toni Comin Cody, Cody, Rhodes and son, uh, just to throw a little bit more in there. Dustin comes on over exactly, and for those of you and he asked for his release so he could do this show. And Vince doesn't just release people, and Vince doesn't just he'll bury you before he really He just doesn't release gold dust people. He imp Paris is people. If he doesn't want Jeff Jerry, anyone right. Jeff Jarrett last to a woman on the way out. Gold dust keep you. He'll keep your name exactly. Gold dust did not leave. Embarrassed. As a matter of fact, for those of you who wanna you might not have noticed this. Really Look at Dustin's colors and his face paint in a e W. He's Darth Maul for a reason. He's the synth lord. He considers himself the sixth hey works into it going, but he works into it like that because he was he was able to let go. He was able to get free. And like I said, Vince doesn't let go that that's Justin Rose. God, I love it. I love it. That's a big name, but I just don't really I got another theory. Is that the black and red where the attitude era colors you? Let me go. You gave me basically Dustin Rhodes and WCW was junk Dustin Rhodes as gold dust throughout that run. Phenomenal! I'm going to show you you let me go. I'm gonna show you respect. Let me let me paint the colors of the era that you gave me my life. I just like Star Wars star wars. Fans will see it. You'll see. You'll see the Darth Maul colors come in there that he picked up and I love it. Your opinion. Fantastic. Your opinion, and we'll ask her, Eddie's in a minute. He's over there doing some production work behind the scenes. Do you honestly think that Vince McMahon not monetarily because it's never been my call? Do you think that Vincent man is sort of I don't want to stay in bed but like, hand in hand, saying I'll help you in any way I can without the dollar. So in my in my honest opinion and we've go back and see a couple of the you know, the episodes before if you guys haven't been subscribed like forever, Um, Vince is gonna be doing XFL very soon. He's taking himself out of the picture. He Wilmore. He's giving Mawr like you can see, Eric Bischoff is playing God. Did that not signal a big change? Eric Bischoff told Hammond thing right there, Paul him in and Eric Bischoff running smack down and raw is just such a bold move. Triple H is able to focus on NXT he and not let these names of die anymore. Exactly. Now it is now that it has been for two years. Now that he's able to focus on it, I will buy that. Went at first when he wasn't able to focus on it. And the old man wanted to take over the brand of W, W E and everything else. There was too much corn. So many names slipped through the cracks in the beginning. That now an X t like you said, is a brand sure. Big name Eddie. Do you remember that The message I sent you when the story came out? Mike sent us the story. And what does this mean? Do you remember what I sent? I said, once the old man dies once triple H gets the reins of the entire company, you're gonna watch the product get better. Yeah, the product. Well, now, presentation is fantastic. They have top notch production. Well, now that's like saying you get Paul Heyman and you get Eric Bischoff and triple H those three minds right there are gonna are gonna control W w e now leading now, leading back to the question that you know you will bring back the superstar right So? So Vince is focusing on XFL. Tell me so. Now he knows that the company that he raised and brought up with his father is in complete control. It's good. He's got this under sets right now. He can focus on his XFL dream, which even if it tanks again and hear me out on this, he is vested in a e w the refunds and the dividends and the royalties alone that he's already vested in this This company is guaranteed to take off. He knows this? No. Yeah. So he's gonna let that company do whatever the fuck that company wants. You've got a major network that is willing sight unseen to protect your show and put it out. And then and then what does that mean? I got no, I got no audio. He can throw. I have nothing. Do you have something? Yeah. Yeah, I can hear. Okay. So for some reason, I'm out my ear. No, I can hear you talking into that too. I mean, just that there we go. I he can he keep Hey, like I said, he can keep control of the XFL and just boom, just roll with it. You know, I'm saying, just roll with that and just be This is my shit. And even if it fails, you get money, baby. Right? Go. Yes. Uh, as of right now, so the w w is public? Yes. McMahon is always one board vote away from being removed. Yeah, easily. If the product doesn't get better easily, they w is still private, so he can bank roll some of that, you know, and keep it under wraps. And there's and there's another point to be made. Is that again? W W is a publicly traded company like you said he could be voted out, whereas a W A private company. But he's removing himself. He created Alfa Entertainment to fund the X f l the new XFL. Not the one we all remember, but the new one that's starting. Correct. Um, I think there there might be a bit of recognition in Vince's mind that says, I'm 72 years old. I don't have my finger on the pulse. I don't know what the people want, but my son in law at 47 48 49 still kind of Look, I'm 46. I still think I have a little bit of knowledge of what my kids enjoy, and I I Plus I Plus, I think I can still probably get in the ring and get my ass kicked for a little bit. And if you're if you're in that kind of shape, God absolutely, absolutely can be. And that and then I just It's not difficult. Part of it is part of that goes back to I think Vince now knows his limits. Whereas 10 years ago, Vince did not know, he still thought whatever I put out there is goal and keep in mind. You know, we got Lord of the Ranks when, uh, awesome. Thanks. Yeah.
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