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Highlight of Episode#28 The Skydive Story

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Last Played: November 27, 2020
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Listen to episode 28 of Storytime With Cedric where he talks about his skydiving story and what he learned after that experience. This is his judge it.
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What's up? Whole world? Welcome the story Town was Cedric Episode number 28. So this story takes place. Um, it may have been 2005. I was stationed in the military overseas, and me and NATO were dating at the time. We weren't married yet, but we had decided that it would be a good idea to go Skydiving and holy shit. So we did it, man. We signed up for it. It was a little spot way Goto on the weekend, and it's about 12 of us, and no, And we went out there and, like, the first, maybe 30 minutes to 45 minutes they gave us, like, a little class or what to do what not to do what was gonna happen and, you know, basically gave us all the rules going into doing this skydive. And then we start to go, you know, one of the time. So we get out there, man, it's his biggest airfield, and the first person that went it was a girl she passed out halfway down. So she's coming down and you just see her just like her body was just like hanging there on. And they had to pull her knees up in everything when she landed. And I'm like, I'm having second thoughts. But I couldn't say nothing because NATO was excited. She was gas. She was ready. I'm seeing her going. Why do we think this was a good idea? So the next couple of people went, um, everybody else seemed to have a good time. No, NATO went before me and she laughed all the way down. She had she had a really good time. So I'm coming up next. I really didn't want to do it. But since NATO had done it already, I couldn't bitch up. I couldn't like, not do it. Everybody else was doing it, and I was next, so I had to man up and get ready to go. So I remember. Um, they strap, you know, all of it was a tandem jump. So it's gonna be somebody on your back. So you hook all this stuff up to you, and then the guy hooks up to your back with this big hook, right? So I remember walking over to the airplane, and the first thing I seen was duct tape on the wind and duct tape on the wheel. And I'm thinking, what kind of bootleg shit have I got myself into when the plane has tape on it? But I'm committed. I'm getting on the plane. And as I get in the places real little bitty plane, it's just the cat, not the captain, but just like the pilots right there. And there's a little spot in the back for me, and the person is gonna be jumping with me. And there was another guy who was gonna record You got a camera on his helmet. Right? So getting the plane. And he says, Look, I need you listening. I gotta tell you, something is very important. I said, what is it? He said, whatever you dio under any circumstances, do not grab the pilot on. I said, Okay, man, why you say it like that you gotta do is tell me. Don't grab the pilot. I got you, like, Listen, I'm just just want you to know, can't grab the pilot. You got it, man. I got it. Okay, got it. So we get in the plane and we take off and we start getting really, really, really high up in there. I don't know how many thousands of feet. It might have been like 10,000 ft or something like that. But we're we're up there where the clouds is, that we're pretty high and the circles around where we're about to jump. And he says, Listen, I'm about to open the door. Do not grab the pilot I said, Listen, man, you said that to me on the ground, like three times. I got it, I won't. I won't grab the pilot. I got it. I won't grab the pilot on DSO He hooks up. He's behind me. I'm like on all fours, like crawling up to the door and he said, Okay, I'm opening up the door I said, I got it. Don't grab the pilot And I was kind of frustrated because he kept saying it over and over. But then he opened the door, and I know why you said it. Have you ever been in a car? And the door is not closed all the way, and you, like, turn a corner and door swings open. It's pretty freaky right now. Imagine that happening Not on the ground, but like 10,000 ft in the air. So he opens the door. I make the mistake of looking at the door and looking at the ground on. I'm gonna tell you all for a split second. I really thought about grabbing that goddamn pilot. I really did, but I didn't. I didn't grab the pilot. It was a little bar on the outside of the plane. He said, I want you to put your foot on this bar. We're gonna roll out the plan. And my foot just refused to move. I couldn't make it move. I grabbed with my arm. I couldn't make it go nowhere. I said, I can't. I can't move my legs. You said I need you to move your leg thio to the post. We could roll out. I said, I can't do it. And he put the helmet on me, which I have a question about when you go skydiving and you wear a helmet. Like if your ass crashes. What? I mean, how is the helmet gonna help you? If you ask, Fall 10,000 ft from the air? Um, the helm is not gonna help you, but that's just that's just me thinking out loud, but yeah, man. So rose me out of the plane and, um, skydiving man. And there's a video. I got a video, man. Maybe I'll post my video on Facebook or YouTube or something. But the dude, he jumped out first, and then I jumped out, and then he followed me down and he had a camera on his helmet. Excuse me, and we flew down and it was pretty cool. It was very peaceful. I remember that part. It was very peaceful. I remember not being nervous. I was nervous in the plane, but once I got out of the plane and was free falling, it was very peaceful. That's the one thing I remember about that. The other thing I'm about that is my harness was too tight and I spent a lot of time trying to adjust my harness in the middle of freefall, which is very dangerous. But it was so tight that it was pinching my legs. I couldn't I couldn't really enjoy, like, the first five seconds on my free fall. But other than that, um, that's one check Mark checked off the list. I don't think I'll ever uh, do another skydive again. Came all the way down, you know, they give you the little the little straps to help you steer it from left to right and everything. And it was pretty cool, but I pull the knees up, hit the ground, and I couldn't get up for a minute. I was really out of breath. I was really tired. I laid there for a few seconds and I got up and chalked it off my list. Man. Um, so it was an experience. Um, I can't say I enjoyed all of it, but I enjoyed most of it. But overall, I'm glad I did it, man. Skydiving is not for everybody, but I knocked it out and it was cool. Um, next time I tell you about the time I jumped off the stratosphere in Las Vegas on that shit was awesome. Hey, yo, thanks for listening to my story. I appreciate it. And I've been away for the last couple of weeks. Man, I went toe Dayton, Ohio, last week. Big big tornado. Torp the city. I was up there, um, trying to get my grandmother straight. Her house got smacked. I'm gonna tell that story on another podcast. We could get into that, but I'm gonna let you all go for now. Thanks for listening and God bless and good night. I see you all next time audio.
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