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Highlight of Fatal Attractions: Dead Calm

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Seeking a different flavor to your film fanatic experience? Look no further than these podcasts that focus on specific genres within the world of cinema. From horror to science fiction to documentaries, Vurbl has you covered with insightful broadcasts that bring history into the equation—all while entertaining as well as enlightening. These 9 film genre podcasts may celebrate different factions of the cinematic arts, but they share one thing in common. Every single one of these podcasts’ hosts not only brings a rich background in that area but a passion and an encyclopedia-like command of their various subject matters.
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The Last Action Podcast will explore the expansive genre of action movies. Providing plenty of fun commentary, film making trivia, classic action movie reviews, special film topics, and current news on today's action flicks from the hosts LPJ and Sphinx.
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problems that I think we have of a lot of more modern movies is that you will have a scene where he goes or he was a child and this happened and this happened and we give the villainy of face and we give everything just a little bit more definition than sometimes it's need Teoh. I think it's fine with the protagonist because that's who we're following. I don't necessarily think Billy Zane's character needs as much as we're given. I mean, I look at it this way when I look. Obviously, when Sam Neill opens up the door and there's all this water and then he finds all these bodies gush out and everything else like that. That sounds to me like someone covering something up That sounds to me like someone doing something, realizing what he's doing, regretting it, and it'll sounds like it could be a mistake. It could be a lashing out, but I don't think we need to know exactly what happens. This is a 90 minute movie and it plays really well on the idea that it's like you get a hint of something, but you don't get everything and I think more films could learn from this and just be a little less explicit about certain things. Is it a stretch to say that there's a deep calm to Billy Zane's kind of exterior? And underneath these this kind of raging, you know, monster or what have you? He is quite chilled, considering he's just slaughtered 34 possibly four people. Maybe it's that type of that. He's a friend, but you know the people that are fine. But if you if you go, the more you push them on something, they just napping. They were going thio horrible crime, you know. But otherwise the rest of the time they find also on Leslie's point about it being really economical. There's one thing I absolutely love in the 1st 10 minutes of this bill. Well, first five minutes of this film, and that's the cut from Nicole Kidman's nightmare to being on the boat. They're already on the voice, so basically, just to give you this is the set up there. A couple Nicole Kidman, Samira couple. They've recently lost their young boy in a horrible car accident, and Nicole Kidman was also involved in. So the movie starts with Samuel in Navy uniforms getting off a train. She's not there to meet him. He realizes she's been an accident. He goes to hospital, see her, gets told that he's lost. The child, sees her basically still in surgery, undergoing kind of like, you know, quite drastic surgery on her face and stuff like that. And then next thing you see is her nightmare about the accidents. Basically a flashback to the accident, and you assume that she's having that nightmare in hospital. And then when she wakes up, she's having that nightmare on the boat, like, at least six months later, maybe more. And you quickly work out that they've got on that boat to try and start again, basically to kind of have a new life. And it's just such an incredibly economical card on just other My