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Highlight of Money Plan: Get Out Of Debt with the Debt Movement, Interview with Financial Soldier Jeff Rose

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Financial Soldier, Jeff Rose, is starting another movement. He is leading the Debt Squad into a battle with debt and we are taking no prisoners. In this interview snippet, he shares how he came up with the idea, the goal, and what he expects will happen in the next 90 days.
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see, in this day and age, we make these promises to ourselves when we call them resolutions and promises really went after you say a promise to yourself. This is really what it sounds like. It sounds like I'll do blah, blah, blah when I get to it, or I'll do blah, blah, blah when I feel like it or I'll do blah, blah, blah. When everything works out in my favor, you know I fall into that all the time. So a New Year's resolution really isn't a goal. So here's how I could define it. And this is in 140 characters or less, so you can tweet this out. New Year's resolutions are promises of changing oneself. Goals are the plans on how to make that happen. So don't be fooled. When you say I have a New Year's resolution. You need to set some goals. I need to set some goals for 2013 so let's get back to this article. It says 38% of people say that keeping a financial resolution is harder than keeping a non financial resolution. I I can agree with that, but this is really encouraging. It says. Despite those challenges, 46% of people say they have achieved 80% of their financial goals in the past. So half the people have achieved at least 80% of those financial goals in the past. And that's encouraging. That proves that it can be done. And I'll tell you what one thing about statistics is. You can take it one of two ways. You can take statistics as being inaccurate and somebody's trying toe. You know, pull one over on your eyes or you can see the same statistic and glean encouragement from it. And a whole year. That's a long time to have a financial goal, but that's what we need to do. We need to have goals, I can tell you right now. I have a goal of being able to pay cash for my daughter's braces in just another month or two, and we've got to hit that goal as well as have the money saved up for our vacation in June or July. Whenever we take it, we know about how much it's gonna be already, and then there's Christmas, and I believe that's gonna be in December again next year. I don't think they've moved it so we can plan these things in advance and do that while we are still making our minimum payments on the mortgage, saving into retirement and putting money away for kids college. That's a lot to do financially. But if we if we set some monetary goals and plan it out in our budget, then we can do it now. Right now, a lot of people are still facing debt problems, debt issues, and and I know a lot of listeners are are facing at A lot of you are facing that right now. You might think you have a handle on it, but you want to improve your financial situation in 2013. Well, I can tell you, of course, this resource, this podcast, the Money Planet's most podcast is not going anywhere. And there are other Resource is out there that you can also glean information and encouragement from. And one of those things that's going to come up here is this new movement from Jeff Rose from good financial sense. He's going to talk about the debt movement, which we can find more information at debt movement dot com. There's gonna be a large community behind this. There's gonna be some big players from the personal finance blogger community in there, and I'm hoping to actually participate in a Google. Hang out as well someday. Uh, look for more information on that later, but right now to sit back, relax and learn. That's when I used to go to my dad's house. He always hung out in his office, his computer room. Every time I walked in, he's sitting there in his computer on I'd see this little white sheet of paper on. It was always there and on this white sheet of paper, he had listed every single credit card. He had every single interest rate and what his next payment was going to be for the following month on, these interest rates were 14% 18% 25% on every time, every month. He was worrying about how he was gonna make that next payment. He was taking cash advances on one card and paying the minimum payment on another on. And it was this vicious cycle that he could never break. A year is going on like I saw, I saw what this did to him. I literally saw my dad age
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