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Highlight of Panel Pictures: Astonishing Avengers

From Audio: Astonishing Avengers!
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Last Played: January 21, 2021
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We've assembled a team in what is (currently) our most ambitious crossover yet! Gathering all of our good friends that enjoyed 2012's Avengers with them, Cody, Joe, Kassie, and Zack all form up to discuss what is possibly one of the best examples of comic book film and fun story telling! Listen as Zack rages about Captain America's earmuffs, Cody asks if Agent Coleson is still impacting as a character, Kassie explains her love for Mark Ruffalo, and Joe brings up Joss Whedon's vision that brought the film to life. We hope you enjoy this episode of  crazy comic film fans as much as we did making it for you!
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I think you need tohave it a little more story driven so that I give a fuck about these guys have movie after movie, a movie that moves into our next Chris Hemsworth being Thor. And he talked about that. He said. The first two Thor movies, they they were okay, experiences. But he was pretty much done. Yeah, and then Taika Waititi came in and was like, It's literally the difference between making a movie that serious and making a movie that's fun like that. And that's that's it. If it's not fun to play seriously, yeah, it's it's fun, and you can see it in everyone that's like on screen. Everyone's having so much fucking funny in. That translates the audience, and no one wants to be lectured at unless fucking I don't know. You're in a goddamn college class on fucking old mythical literature. That's in like, you know, some people like that shit and some people don't. And I just like to have fun once in a while. Okay, Thanks. So are you speaking from experience that you have to do an old medical literature class? I'm not specifically, but it is just more of the I'm thinking about toe. We're not even talking about the Avengers thinking back to the Thorn movies, being like, directed by these people that we're really good at directing old Shakespearean stuff. Kenneth Dragon, Whatever his name is, Gilroy Lockhart directed. That's who he is, uh, directed the first store movie and like, it's good and he was really good at, like, you know, a fellow and Shakespeare and doing all this other you know, old English, she stuff that just kind of seemed to make sense before. Okay, so I think I figured it out just now. I had an epiphany. So this is what it iss Okay, so Thor is a cheesy character like he just is. It's just there is no way when you have a character that has that kind of origin and that kind of costume and that kind of whole thing that he's not gonna be a little bit cheesy. It's like you took the first couple movies the worst, and you you took Valhalla from the Justice Friends the like side cartoon from Dexter's Lab, and you took the because that was what was fun about Thor is that he is super powerful but he's also a little weirdly happy. Go lucky about it, and he's so confident because, I mean, it makes sense. You know, if I if I was essentially invincible and, like, right, immortal and I was like air to the throne, whatever, I would probably be pretty happy go lucky to. And I think it's nice that we've kind of come back to that and that you have that movie that is like a really fun but also a time serious movie, because that, to me, is true comedy, because the things air you have to have steaks and you have to have opposition. And if we wanna let's let's try to circle it back to the movie. We're actually here to talk about what the same could be said for the Avengers films, because a lot I mean all of the superhero movies proceeding this current glove Marvel movies have a little bit of that problem of like they're almost too self aware of the fact that they're superheroes and
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