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Highlight of Sport Conspiracies, Part II

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Could your favorite sports be fixed? Join Ben, Matt, and Noel in this short audio snippet for their continuing interview with author Brian Tuohy as they explore the murky world behind the sports headlines - a world comprised of illegal gambling, extortion, blackmail, and organized crime.
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that surrounds it in the black market. Well, also, with the U. F. C two is you know, they used to have, like, things like the fight of the night bonus, which they would have whatever, like, six fights on the card for a particular night. And yet they would guarantee, like $50,000 to whoever whichever match was declared the fight of the night. Now, if you're like one of the preliminary fights and you're only getting paid a few $1000 for the prelim fight, wouldn't you maybe go to the guy you're fighting and say, Hey, look, we can split 50 grand. If we're the quote unquote fight of the night, Why don't we go out there and give him one heck of a show? You know, maybe you know, the first round you win the second round. I went in the third round. We'll fight for real and see who wins this thing. But if we put on a good enough performance, we're going to get some extra money. And I mean those air little ways that a league can manipulate their own events, but do so without really dictating what happens. You know, I mean they don't have to have that direct. You lose, you win type of thing. They could just put little things out there. They can just tweak things enough that you get a better and more exciting event than perhaps you would have if everything was on the level. It's a great point. So, Brian, one of the things that we've learned in the course of exploring your work and in this interview is that this is not a victimless crime. You said it earlier in the show, and we just want to reemphasize that because, as you said, the money that people spend even on a street level is funneling upward into an institutionalized system that is involved in drug running, arms trafficking, racketeering, loan sharking, prostitution as well. Yeah, which brings us Thio. Which brings us to a relatively personal question. Do you or have you ever felt that your life was in danger or threatened as a result of your investigations into these scandals? No, I've never really felt personally threatened, like physically threatened by anything that have researched, but I know like career wise, what I research isn't the best best road to take. I mean, I've dealt with, You know, the likes of ESPN and I've dealt with Sports Illustrated in a lot of other media outlets, and I know my name is got to be on certain lists within each one of those organizations, the media organizations that so I deal with. And I'm sure I'm on the NFL's radar, the NBA's radar in some other places as well. And I mean, I've seen. I mean, just from a personal aspect, I know I've been kind of censored by the media. I mean, when I released larceny games through my publisher, which was feral House Larson Games was based on over 400 FBI files that I was the first one to obtain. No one ever had gone after those files until I got them. And I wrote this whole book based on those files, which revealed literally Hall of Fame athletes accused by the FBI of either betting on their own sport or even betting on games in which they play, which should be huge news. And when the book was released, ESPN, Yahoo, Sports, Sports Illustrated, HBO Sports 60 Minutes and a few others all contacted by publisher and wanted to copy the book to review it, and they all got the book and not one of them did anything with the book whatsoever. Nobody reviewed it. Nobody said This is the worst book ever written. Nobody followed up on any of the information that I had uncovered. Nobody did anything within the sports media regarding this book except the New York Post and The New York Post ran a story based off of one of the files I'd uncovered, which said that nearly eighties members of the New York Knicks were shaving.
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