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Highlight of The Drive With Josh Graham: Roy Williams Remembers Michael Jordan in College

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Roy Williams joined The Drive with Josh Graham to discuss the new developments with the NCAA and NIL, some Michael Jordan stories, and more in this interview from April of 2020.
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We are thrilled to have the head coach of the Tar Heels, Roy Williams, back on with us and the Triad coach appreciate you making the time for us. The last time we spoke via Zoom earlier this month, you had a nice quarantine beard going, and I think you mentioned you were going to pull out the golf clubs. Have you had a chance to hit some balls? Yes, I have the beard still there. It doesn't look any better, and, uh, and the golf game doesn't look a lot better either, But, uh, played more golf at this time of year this year than I've ever played in my entire life. And, uh so it's, uh, the weather has been really good and, uh, some windy and some rain, but still, I'm not playing every single day, but I do have a chance, and I think I'm probably averaging two or three times a week, and it's not like the old days. Old days I used to play 36 or 45 now used to play 18, and that's it. I know you've been consuming a lot of the last Dance Bulls DACA series as we all have. But speaking of golf, Michael Wilbon he was with us a few weeks back and he said one time he played with Michael or a few times he played with Michael on the golf course and he said that the determination that he had on the basketball floor it also translated to the links. Do you have a good story golfing with Mike? Oh, yeah. I mean, we've played a lot of golf together. I was one of the one of the guys that got him started and, uh, playing a little bit and hitting balls and that kind of things, and we played many rounds together. We may be the first tournament he ever played in. Uh, I got him on my team and we we went to play somewhere, but, uh, no, he's competitive as all get out. And, uh, the only thing Michael does better than play is talk. And on the golf course, the talking is even more impressive than it is in the basketball game. But, uh, he has no referee to calm him down or anything, But no, he's He's a pleasure to play with, but he likes to compete, and he doesn't mind, uh, putting some money out there and having a friendly game, and, uh, he can hit the ball a long way, and he really can be, uh, you know, with everything he's got going on. It's amazing how good he is because he could really be really good. Uh, and he's probably gotten it down and his handicaps probably been as low as two or three, and I know it's been that low, and it could have even been even lower. But no, he's competitive. He likes to win, and he likes to hit the ball and look up and see in the ball flight the same thing that he pictured in his mind. And I think that's what all golfers good golfers try to do. I remember your first impression of Michael being this might be one of the best high school players I've ever seen. You mentioned something I know. I said. I just saw the best 6 ft 6 ft four inch high school player of everything, not one of us, that he's the best I've ever, a very important distinction there. But you mentioned at the beginning you started to get Mike into golf. How did that go just from talking so much about it and being around, you know, because he was with us for three years and, you know, doing that kind of thing. I took him out to the course, met him out there. We hit balls. And still one of the favorite stories is so outrageous is that it was the week of the N C double A golf championships and our team and qualified or just Davis Love and John Inman and qualified. Anyway, we had some guys going to the Gulf, the finals, and, uh, Michael took a swing with Davis, loves driver and snapped the head off. And I'm serious. This is like two or three days now you can go almost in a new place and they've got a way to put a new head on there and that kind of stuff. There wasn't that common place at that time. So Davis, uh, was just destroyed from my wondering, Can I get this fixed and is it going to be different when I put it on the end of my swing and that kind of thing? But no, he, uh but he just fell in love with the game and it got it gave him another thing to compete in. And that's what Michael really
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