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The Most Thrilling Sports Conspiracies (Audio) Dive into a world of mystery in this audio compilation of conspiracy theories surrounding the most questionable and suspicious moments in sports history

What major sports leagues have skeleton's in their closets? Apparently, all of them. Hear this collection of in depth analyses and discussions about some of the most bizarre and iconic moments throughout all of sports.
Vurbl Conspiracy Theories: Facts & Fiction
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The guys do a deep dive on all strange had to believe sports stories that are just too good to be true. NHL,NBA,MLB,NFL no one is safe!
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coach in the NBA. Yeah, and it might be because of this conspiracy. Always surprised, man. Never ride. Daddy. I don't believe anything the MBA does is legit. So, for instance, the cold card or the crease card in the 1985 draft, it brought the number one overall pick. Who was Patrick Ewing to the Knicks? What's the what's the crease card? So back in 80 five, they did thes, uh, they did these cards. So in in the envelope there would be the team card, and it would go in this spin and they would spin. The card's kinda like Like when you go and do the things they didn't do the pink bunks. And this is why they don't do that. This is why they did a pink part now. So it wasn't one of those things where it's like you lost the most games you got like the, uh Or if you lost the most games, you got the number one pick. So But like, your yard team names in the fucking thing, right? Eso they spend the whole thing When you put your hand in there, can you pick it up? So the whole thing was, the Knicks placed there envelope in a freezer overnight, so it was cold when they brought the thing into the mixer, right into the into the spinner. So the guy who waas to pull the card would know what card to pick. So what one. You know what the soggy, wet one dripping, dripping wet David Stern was promoted to the commission sheet in the winter of 1984 taking a piece of David Stern. He's got a lot of bodies hidden. A lot of places. Uh, hey took over for Larry O Brien, which we all know living in the U Za Stanley Cups named after Larry O'Brien. Yeah, Stern's first act was to fix the problem with the lottery selection with within the MBA because at the time it was an actual coin flip between the two worst teams in the league. Back before the lottery, teams like the Clippers would tank the whole season in order to get that coin flip and try for that number one spot following year. That's not to say that this still doesn't happen. Get like your Philadelphia 76 is your season just to go toe lose a coin Coin flip like? Imagine that. Like you, you lost 82 games to get a coin flip on. You still lost the coin flip. So you should just you should just button up that French back it up. Eso It went from being just two teams to 14. The first, the first thing he did was pay the Yusa network $40,000 to air the lottery on TV as a way to create hype for the actual draft. That was it was been televised since 95 since 85. This was the very first year that it was telling. I didn't know that was the thing. And because I mean, back then, nobody. I mean, you gotta think about it. The Onley two drafts out there that people give a shit about is N B A in NFL. Nobody gives a shit about hockey drafts. Nobody gives a shit about MLB draft. Well, nobody gives a shit about baseball. Baseball happens, and everybody goes when. See? Yeah, well, the thing with the thing with the MLB draft is they draft kids straight out of high school or a first round of call. Yeah, that's the thing that they gotta go. They don't usually go right to the major. So it doesn't matter who they draft, because they're probably going to baseball. You're drafted at 17 in some. In some cases, you're You've signed an agreement at 16. 17, if you're really good, that you're going to sign with this team or they have rights to you or something, no matter what happens and they give you, like a little signing bonus and everything so but basketball in the NFL also have the college aspect to it. People are always watching these players colleges huge. It wasn't as big in New England at one point, but you could still see these teams play on television if you wanted Thio like, I mean, they fucking put LeBron James high school fucking games on ESPN. Shit Fucking 17 years old. So it's more. It's more always been more marketable. And I feel like the NHL has never absolutely here to spend the money to host is now that they have their own network the last 10 years, of course you're gonna air the lottery. Of course you can hear the draft. You're gonna hear all I think they tried it on ESPN and like the problem with, but it had to be at, like 10 o'clock. Eso, ESPN give two shits about hockey, so we always have been. It's always been so weird to me. But like what? Baseball. It's like these kids. Don't they get drafted at 18. They don't play until the 25. Yeah, so you don't really get that much of a career. You're you're pivotal. Seasons are, like spent, like, just kind of going up the ranks. You got a single triple double or single double triple area. Have, like six kids, like, you know, some fall in love with God. So, like now it's like NBA and NFL just rule the land on drafts, Absolutely back then. I mean, it's fun to watch, I guess. I don't know NBA So fun to watch the NFL. I could give a fuck about the MBA. Even how I feel about the N B. A. I think it's just such a ridiculous Well, the MBA, you know what's more fun to watch for the NBA is the selection of where the teams could draft 14. That's fun after that. Like, you know, you kind of want to see who the first relatively quick fucking in the draft takes four years. Women on ESPN. Oh, yeah, The NFL. This year was the first time they did it. And they did it in Nashville this year. Yeah, it was huge. National is one of the most popular cities in the country right now, But did you see any of the It was, like a week long thing. They did. It was huge. Yeah. They shut down Broadway, I think the NFL there was a million fucking people. The NFL airs five rounds, four or five rounds in the draft and, like the n B A will only do two rounds. Yeah, and of course, after the first round after the first five teams, nobody gives a shit. I'm only there for the top 10. And if the Celtics have the Celtics bottom, right? Right. So in this, the MBA was coming down from all that coke that was going around while O'Brien was in office. Coke. They still had their problems with Stern. Uh, there was a great land story. Did you ever read the story? Um, it was the greatest team that never Waas dunks drugs in disappointment It was the oral history of the 19 eighties Houston Rockets. It was one of the greatest stories ever written. It was like the whole team was basically doing coke, and they were just It was one of those teams that was What else are you gonna do in fucking Houston the minute. But it was one of those teams that was that was, like, destined for greatness, But they couldn't get out of their own fucking way. It's one of the greatest stories, and I think we know a couple people that Duke. Okay, uh, Stern quit quickly, put his team to work on creating lottery show. And after rejecting a number of ideas, they all had agreed on using the drum to shuffle. So they were shuffling around all those squares, all the different squares, envelopes. They had a fair using ping pong balls in case the tour of the drum popped open and the balls spilled out live on TV, which would be fucking hilarious. That would be like a the best YouTube. All you gotta do is get the ball back in and fucking redo it. Right? But if you live on TV, it would have been great was paying attention to what happened on your on your phone. They were gonna do the Ping Pong balls, but they had a fair of the door opening and all the balls falling out live on TV s. So instead, they used this square cards plus inside each envelope, the team logo big enough to fit on the screen. So it was all it was. All yeah, the dress rehearsal in David's office. One of the envelopes was reporting. Lee kept coming out of the drum, bending the corners and creating a crease in the card. So that's why they call it the crease card crease. Uh, here are some facts on why it was important for Ewing to come to New York City. The MBA was at the end of its four year, four year, $91.1 million TV deal with CBS, and the most sought after game changer was going to end up with the team. Like the Kings, who at the time were in Kansas City, it wasn't going to help ratings at all. They were still in Kansas City was still in Kansas City. Talk about how who was little of a deal. $91 million is for a TV deal it in like the hundreds of millions now the NBA just signed. That's why all those NBA players got fucking stupid money. Because there at, like, I think, $12 billion deals, you know? So who was the? I mean, I'm very It's gotta be. The Celtics on the Lakers have to be the big Yeah. Um, 85. I think this is the year the Lakers won on. Then 86 was the Celtics, you know. So you got magic, Kareem A. To this time the bulls didn't really come up, come up late eighties. It was really, uh the bulls didn't win anything until 91 91 92 But they were thought that was 88. Jordan was up there. No, I thought George. I thought it was Ah, Pistons. Pistons were 80 89 90. They won two in a row. I thought one was against the Celtics. No, that was an Eastern. That was in the city. They would they would have beat them in the Eastern Conference. They beat him in the Eastern Conference and then they beat. I thought they beat the Bulls for one. Yeah, I think they beat him in 89. Who's the famous Piston was? What's his name of Piston? Yeah, Isaiah Thomas. No, I wasn't taking him. Dennis Rodman. Rodman. Rod. You know, he was a bowl to, right? He was a bull. He was. Ah, Spur. Okay. He was a spur spur. Was he in Sacramento? No, no, no. He We had another team that went to the Lakers. Oh, yeah, that's right. You know, you put them in the first. I think you won one with the Pistons to with the Bulls and one with the lake is I want to say I thought the pistols one too. Well, they did, but I don't think he was on. I think it was on both teams, was he? I think so. He Maybe he got drafted and he was on a lot of teams. Was he drafted in 87? He was now 86 80. 0, the Len Bias draft. That's right. Dennis Rodman surprisingly went second round of that draft. Did he really one of the most. He was probably one of the best defensive players of all times. You know, uh, 86 draft. There was three or four guys that were kicked that. Well, there was two or three guys kicked out of the league for Coke problems. One guy died just partying for two days after my birthday. No shit. I think I might be Len Bias. We've had this discussion before we have had he died, and then I was actually a picture of you holding. That's why this is a little red. The Celtics card. Uh, I Photoshopped that when we're on gangrene TV. Really? I'm gonna child try to find it. It's fucked up. How many championships does Rodman half, so he has five.