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Home and Bathrobe March Edition Of course it’s the highly anticipated….it’s late Over 65 and Talking
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Yes it’s highly anticipated…it’s always late!
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Okay, recipes that make you happy. Oh my God, this was so crazy. I can't believe these recipes one is a yam casserole. What what makes you happy about it? Are you happy when you're finished when it's gone like this? This can't be true. But this is what they are. Okay, so Okay, Macaroni and Cheese. Well that is a good one. Okay. Um Mhm. Succotash. Succotash does not make me happy. I'm sorry. That is, that's it. Used to be in Ganz, you used to have to eat it, but it didn't make you happy. Okay. I don't know who these people are. Salmon and brown rice. Why bring salmon down? Brown rest is like eating little rocks. Maybe I'm not cooking it correctly. Okay, this is really wrong, scrambled eggs and oatmeal together. Fuck, that's too much breakfast, that is. Oh, spaghetti and lean meatballs don't make them if you're not gonna make them a lean meat ball is a golf club in your spaghetti. It tastes terrible. Okay. Oh my God, this is it, The sweet potato souffle. It looks horrible, horrible. Okay, now the last one is chocolate. Anything and I'll go, I'll go for that, but here's what I'm gonna do. I'm buying a cheap Hibachi grill, I wish I could write it off because I'm not sure it's gonna work. Maybe you could share this podcast with a friend. So I could get somewhere anywhere where I could write off stuff because I'd like to make a lot of these kind of experiments. I go out there, I do it? I come back and tell you what happened. I feel like my big barbecue in the backyard. It just makes me sad because we don't have a big family, we don't have grandchildren. I'm not cooking 12 hot dogs or 20 hot dogs. We don't have a pool. No one ever comes over. I would fill this whole thing up or half of it with charcoal charcoal for nothing but a little tiny Abahachi, like at the japanese restaurants, I feel like I would use that. I found one. It's gassed iron, it's cheap, it's made in America. I can clean it. It'll probably take like 10 char coals and I'm gonna put little twigs in it and then I'm gonna cook stuff like chicken saute and all that. There's a whole bunch of Hibachi recipes on the internet. Little hamburgers, we could have, or big ones, two pieces of chicken, just what we want. It's, we're just two people. And then the cleanup isn't bad and it's not down in the grass world. The bugs are, I've still got it up in the deck, right on the table. I don't even have to cook by myself in the heat. And then y'all come out, he comes out comes out and he enjoys it. No, we're going to do this together. I don't know, It might work. It might not