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Home And Bathrobe Magazine February

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Home and Bathrobe Magazine February Here it is the highly anticipated (yeah it’s late) edition! Over 65 and Talking
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The highly anticipated (yeah it’s late) edition is here!1
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okay. I've got full time spa music on in the background because I hate w right, I'm not alone. I know they tried to shorten the month, but they didn't try very hard. So it's gonna be long, it's gonna be ugly. And I've got, I've got real good sections of the magazine this month. I've got a quickie in the beginning just to keep you motivated. I've taken out the table of contents. The whole idea. Tabled it gone, gone without my editor at large Diane who's happy in colorado. If you ask me, she's too happy on that page. Instead. I have this thing about this guy named Tom Shrew been, he is such a sweet guy and he's fighting february with everything he has, he has a little white, like a chalkboard thing with white board, whatever they call it in front of his house and every single day he's a stay at home. Dad. He puts in a dad joke and people walked by with their dogs and they see these dad jokes, one of them that I thought was good was without geometry. Life is pointless. Here's one, a bear without teeth is a gummy bear. That is really funny to five year olds. Okay, this one is funny to adults. I ordered a chicken and I ordered an egg from amazon. I'll let you know like what came first. That's cute. Okay, then this one I kind of like, just because I think it's cute. I'm afraid for the calendar it stays are numbered. I don't know why I'm in the mood. Okay, so we get back to the very serious, very serious thing. That is the most important thing of all, which is the horoscope. We need, we need this. And so this month I thought I'd ask the horoscope people what zodiac signs do when they're stressed because it's february, it's going to happen. So here's what happens with Aries. They create even more stress when they don't trust people. But you know what If you're in the mid-60s or older, you don't trust people because you've met so many of them. You've really met a bunch of not too trustworthy people along the way. So I'm not.