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How America's middle class was crushed, leading to the Reagan Revolution and Trump.

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Last Played: January 18, 2021
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Guest Thom Hartmann explains how the rise of America's modern conservative movement in 1964 crushed the rising middle class in the 1960s and 1970s, leading to the Reagan Revolution in 1980, and a era of wealth inequality lasting through the Trump presidency .
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um in the United States, the union movement. And he said, If this middle class that has emerged now, this was the really the first major emergence of a middle class in the United States since the 17 seventies, he said, if this middle class that is emerging in the United States gets strong enough, gets large enough and wealthy enough and keep in mind at that point in time, the wages of people making less than in today's money less than $50,000 a year were rising faster than the wages of people making over a million dollars a year. The rich. We're not getting rich as fast as working people were getting wealthy and eso, he said. If if that if that middle class ever gets wealthy enough and strong enough, you are going to see some very specific and predictable results. Young people will lose their connection to the older generation. They will think that they know everything and they will begin to rebel Women will demand equality in the workplace and will no longer basically submit to their husbands. Minorities will be demanding their share of the wealth that white people have held in this country for 200 years. And the consequence of these and the consequence of these in aggregate, will be the destruction of America. This uprising that's goingto happen once the middle class hits some some. And he didn't define it, but hits some critical tipping point of wealth. That rebellion that's going to emerge is going to undo the American Revolution and turn the United States into into a socialist, uh, tyranny. And, of course, back then, socialism. Communism specifically was legitimately associated with tyranny. We were all watching the Soviet Union. And so you know, by and large, the media thought he was a crackpot throughout the 19 fifties. Um, most of your movement conservatives were kind of, you know, they kept their head below, you know, under the under the radar. Below the radar 64 was their coming out party with Barry Goldwater and Goldwater Course lost in 61 the birth control pill was legalized and eso by 65. It was widely available, and suddenly women had controlled the reproductive systems. And so, uh, they were demanding equality in the workplace, you know, as Kirk had predicted, um, you had the assassination of Martin Luther king in 68 African Americans were demanding equality. In 67 you had the the anti war movement, which is where most of my efforts were focused when I was a teenager that year, those years and, you know, getting arrested and whatnot in the midst of all that and eso young people were rebelling. And at that moment in the late sixties, early seventies thes movement, conservatives were able to say to all the Republican colleagues because they were a small minority. See, we told you so. We were right. And if this continues, these hippies and and these black people and these crazy women are, you know, they're phrase, uh, limbo calls Feminazi is these. These people are going to turn America into something that looks like the Soviet Union. And that happened about the same time that 1976 the Supreme Court, a decision called Buckley versus Valeo and then two year you're well in 76. In the Buckley case, the Supreme Court, for the first time in the history of America, said that if a wealthy person, if a billionaire, owns a politician or even a couple of dozen politicians and they fully own. I mean, you know, they're fully responsible. This person's career that used to be considered corruption that used to be illegal. In fact, that used to be considered bribery. When those politicians did things in the interests of the billionaire who owned them in the Supreme Court, in 76 said, That's no longer considered corruption or bribery that's considered free speech under the First Amendment. Money is the same thing as speech. And then two years later, in a decision called First National Bank versus Bellotti um, the Supreme Court added corporations. For that said, corporations want to own politicians. That's free speech that was 78. So that led to the Reagan Revolution and the Reagan Revolution. Was the beginning of the of the takeover, the destruction of America, basically, the destruction of the New Deal, the end of Kanzi and economics. And what we're seeing right now with Trump is the predictable end point of the of the Reagan Revolution. He's the perfect symbol of it imploding. It's remarkable that we're having a pandemic to further the revealing of all of this. I think some people are like myself, are
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