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How Do You Solve a Problem Like Diversity on The Bachelor

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Last Played: February 09, 2021
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Sarah Hearon an Emily Longeretta discuss diversity on the bachelor and Rachel Lindsay's take on the issue.
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Yeah, and I like 11 thing. I like that Rachel said. Is she from what I Someone of the podcast I listened to again. I can't keep track. She's literally been on a million. Um, but she was saying nothing against him. I like good for Hannah like she wasn't trying to take anything away from Hannah, but she was pointing out like look at how many people she has watching her and look at how many people I have. So it's just another example of, you know, the bite. The bachelor audience might be a primarily white, but that doesn't mean that they shouldn't make an effort to make the show reflect the real world because there could be change has to start somewhere. And then it goes on right. And like you said, there isn't The Bachelor isn't Obviously there's a lot of bigger things going on in the world than the bachelor. But ah, lot of even celebrities. They're speaking out on their social media right now about how their co stars aren't speaking out about everything. And I heard something credible this weekend that someone said You don't have to use your platform for this you don't have to use your platform. There's no pressure, you know, there's no shame. And if you don't want to use your platform for that, that said, if you're in a relationship and you are super super in love and really private about it. But if they ask you to post, you don't want it to be public, that's something that's strange. That's there's a little bit of a weird thing. They're like, Why not? So in the same way, if ABC wants to prove that they are diverse organization, that they give all of this praise to Rachel and to the different communities out there and they have such a huge platform with the Bachelor and the Bachelorette nation fan base is just so giant. Why not? Right? Mike said something really interesting last year when he was talking to Ben Haggen, Ashley I and he said I felt that if I would be the bachelor, the ratings would go down a bit, but then the next year they would go up because they captured a new audience with me, Ah, 100% that it's so interesting. It's so interesting because it's like like we were just saying like if they start somewhere, then they go forward. Whereas with Rachel, it was awesome. And the ratings, I'm pretty sure did go down, which is sad. But again, just a fact. But then, if they kept it going, like, who knows where we would have been now if the momentum kept going versus just going backwards and going back with Hannah and Peter and the same old personality, right? It's not even just a black woman. Its's there's the people of color in general is so limited on the Bachelor, and it's like on the franchise in general. I mean, we've seen it time and time again that we're really, like waiting for more and more diversity in every season. It's kind of a letdown. Yeah, and it's almost like as faras things like the viewers can think or change, or just kind of look inward and say, I mean, it's like almost a joke, like every time that the diversity that minorities get out first on the bachelor, like we joke about it. And instead of doing that, maybe we should, like think about why that's happening and not allow it to be the butt of a joke. you know what I mean? Like I'm guilty of it. Well, 100%. I think that we can all realize that it's not a joke. It's a serious matter, and I'm guilty of it, too. I think that we both and we everyone who watches the show is kind of like, Oh, like, are these people cast to fill a quota? Catherine, obviously, Sean and Catherine season is about to re error, and we Kathryn's posted on Instagram, and I was very surprised that she said she thought she was there as a Filipino woman to check a box. She's never really spoken on about that before. And in a way, ABC probably did put her there to check a box. I'm not. I don't know that for sure. But like of course, they want. They try their best to do these little diversity things, and then it's like Okay, no, she fell in love with him and clearly like that Doesn't matter. Did that's the whole bottom line is that shouldn't matter. Ultimate
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