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I did know that because I fractured my funny bone basically off my elbow when I was No, I'm dead. Dude, I have pinholes. We get your chatted, Okay, we get it. You're yachting dealers making up this whole injury. No, I'm not. This is what happened. Okay. Mm. Yeah. Mm. Mhm. Yeah, No. All right. It's another episode of the way out here podcast. If you haven't already, head over to our facebook page will be posted on there. Almost every single day will also post the Youtube videos and other clips as well. Make sure you go to facebook slash facebook dot com slash way out here for more way out here info. All right. First topic, we gotta talk about jake paul fight, jake paul all of us were rooting against him. Very much so, but jake paul knock an astronaut in the first round. Very emphatic. Win thoughts on the jake paul fight. All right, well, I didn't solidify. Did it solidify for you guys that he's a real fighter? Hell no. Uh because he didn't fight somebody who was like a good striker. If he fought somebody that was a good striker in the UFC. And what I'd like Dengue maybe. But the fact that he by he box somebody who's notorious for not being a good striker whatsoever, like didn't even get into the UFC bye for striking or knocking somebody out. It was pure wrestling, Right? Right. And you know, I mean, you're you're right, you are right. But the the only difference is like with mama is when he you're throwing hands. Like he even said it in his interview that he was just so used to like when people throw that overhand, right? He just ducks it and takes him down. So he doesn't have, like good defense, he just takes people down. Which, you know, he's a wrestler. He's a great credit. He is the one that pointed that out even before the fight. Yeah, well he said, hey, Ben Aspirin wants to take me down, but he's not able to unboxing so advantage me already because he, that's been Ben Aspirins tendency forever. He's a world champion like gold medalist wrestler, you know, he's was he a gold medalist? Olympian? I don't know, he was an Olympian, which is cool and he was doing, he was like a well decorated collegiate wrestler. He fought for bellator, he fought for one and then he fought for the UFC. He held a belt in bellator, he held a belt and one like he's not a slouch. But you also have to take an account like he retired two years ago, He got hip surgery last year and he's put on a couple of lbs since his UFC days. I mean let's no make no mistake. He looked absolutely awful. But but I will say that jake does show that he can box. Like his setups were pretty like good, like they weren't bad setups. The difference between like this, this is what I'll say jake inbox, but I don't think he can fight, you know what I mean? Like if he got in there with some dude that could actually throw hands back and started popping jake in the face. I don't know how he would handle it. We've seen jake paul get hit. No, No, he starched 3 2 dudes or did he starts three of them? Did you knock out Casey? Yes, yes. So He's so he's three and O with three knockouts of dudes that don't know how to throw hands and the Nate Robinson fight was in the third round and they were only doing like 53 minute rounds or something like that. Like he, the thing with jake paul, the problem that I have is they tailor these fights so well to jake paul to where they're limiting the number of rounds. They're limiting the number of minutes in the round. They're limiting like even the like, glove, wait, they always modify for these boxes. So jake paul is doing so Yeah, but I mean, not boxing, I guess like it's still boxing, but you put them in a 12 round fight with an actual boxer who can take a punch and let's see jake paul in the eighth round of a fight. You know, you have to think too though. Like, I'm sure, I'm sure like jake would get to that point at some point. But these fights aren't, I mean, everyone knows these guys who they're fighting aren't actual lifetime been boxing since they were a kid. Nobody would be able to go in there. I mean shoot, barely even the dudes who trained for this shit can barely do that. Let alone people who like don't really I mean Ben just Found out he was gonna be doing this like 11-12 weeks ago and he went in there garden, he got knocked out but like bro how you get knocked out in the first round you know? Oh man I was so I didn't even watch the whole production but I will say that I heard that that basically the whole thing was as circus, absolute circus, so I didn't watch it too. Which is crazy because at what point does trailer who put on the fight at what point does trailer run?
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