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How I went Viral on TikTok - TikTok, TikTok strategy, How to go viral on TikTok, and more!

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In this episode I go over my experience with TikTok, going viral, and why I think TikTok is THE platform to be on right now! To date my viral TikTok now has 383k views, 82.5k likes, and 892 shares. I dive into how I accomplished this and more! I also take some time to mention what I've been up to si
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In this episode I go over my experience with TikTok, going viral, and why I think TikTok is THE platform to be on right now! To date my viral TikTok now has 383k views, 82.5k likes, and 892 shares. I dive into how I accomplished this and more! I also take some time to mention what I've been up to since March 2019.
You can find me on social media as @KeepUpWhitMee and on TikTok as @KeepUpWhitMee
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that's kind of cool. Um, facebook actually has a version of Tic Tac called lasso. Like, you know, like cowboy, like lasso horse country. It's called lasso and it literally is tick tock, but it's owned by facebook and they're trying to do it. So that's also a moment. I remember looking up, I specifically went out and said like, what are the newest social media platforms right now? And I remember seeing a lasso and I remember reading that lasso was like the attempt of facebook to make Tiktok. So that's a little tidbit for you, go on last hour and maybe you can be last so famous. Um, before, because right now I don't think it's, it's definitely not doing as well as Tiktok for sure. So will it ever, who knows? But you have a moment to hop on it before. Everybody else does. If it pops off, they're not promoting it too much. But if you look in the notes, you can see that it's owned by facebook. So I first got on Tiktok in, I want to say maybe like October 2019. This was when the old town roads the, I just flip the switch the first time went viral on Tiktok. Okay. I remember specifically watching, I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road, gonna write till I can't no more. And then that song went viral like way later and I was like bitch, I heard that song on Tiktok six months ago. So like stop, but like not really, but I did, I heard the song on Tiktok, not six, maybe like three months prior, that song went viral on Tiktok and then it went viral in real life. And so that's like another cool thing that I felt like Tick tock is like a trendsetter. Like if it goes viral and Tiktok eventually it'll make it to the mainstream, but by then Tiktok's already onto the next thing. So that's like another bunch it. So I got on to tick tock in October of 2019 and I was infatuated with it because this was like the new vine, Right? When, if you're a 90's Baby already said I was in 1996 when I was born. Um, if you're a nineties baby like me, like you remember vine right? Like, I think maybe we were in high school with fine. Yeah. High school with fine um, vine was uh, breeding pool for some of the most iconic youtubers of our time right now. Um, but it eventually crashed and burned and died and that's like a whole another podcast episode. But anyway, I had felt the excitement that I felt when vine was a thing when, when I first got onto Tiktok, I was like, this is dope, this is cool. This is like, then I remember, I'll never forget. I was watching a video and James Charles. Hello, Sister said, vine walked. So tick tock could run and I cannot begin to explain like how accurate. I feel that statement is like Tic tacs just on another level. It's one of the fastest growing social media platforms ever. And I don't think it's going anywhere. I don't think this will be like fine. I don't think it's just gonna die. Um, I think Tiktok truly truly going to be the next generations, like primary social media platform. But it's interesting because it's all about creative, right? Like facebook instagram has slowly become just a method of sharing about our regular lives, our daily lives, good moments in our life. But Tick tocks more creative, right? You can't just sit there and like post a picture that's not what Tiktok is, it's about being creative and being funny. Um, so that's interesting to write, It's like, did find not survive because it's not the type of platform that can be converted into something where it's just like kind of like a mindless thing where you get lost in the scroll and like occasionally update, who knows? I don't, but something interesting. I hope it doesn't go away anytime soon. I love Tiktok anyway, so I got on Tiktok and I played around with it a little bit and I was like, yeah, this is like, so fun. And at the time when I got on Tiktok, there were a few like different trends. One of the trends was like taking songs and making pictures sync up to the words of the song. So I did a song. I did, um Cardi B's money, which is like, I want to see is the money, right? I don't need the d, I need the money. So I just like sync up pictures to that, the chorus of the song and it got a couple 100 likes. I gotta look because this was like my first attempt at Tiktok where like, I was literally just doing whatever. Like I hadn't even like, I had no ring light. I didn't even, I was not really trying, but I was like following suit of like what I had seen been done and saying like, oh, can I do something similar? You know? So I'm gonna go back to my scrolling right now. Back to my first Tiktok so I can be accurate. Okay. So Yeah, so, and I got 99 likes and that was, yeah, 20 19. So, oh, we March 2019. Okay, wait, hold on, I might have to amend my story a little. Wait, let me look. Okay, March, No, this is a lie. Okay. I might have to amend my story. You guys. Um, according to the dictates that I have on here. I was on Tiktok in March of 2019. I remember it being cold. So maybe I was thinking October 2018, March 29. You know, Like, it was actually October 2018, but then I posted like, I know when I originally, once I started like taking Tiktok more seriously, I removed some of my older posts. So I only left like the ones that did okay. Or that I really liked From 2019. So I'll say March 2019 is when I was starting on Tiktok, but I took a huge break. Um, so yeah, I had a few. So that was one was the Cardi B ticktock, that one got 99 likes. Right? Um, but then I also had a Tiktok that I personally love and it was like my best Tiktok up all time until, um, I started getting more serious with Tiktok and it was, there was a trend on Tiktok where you had to walk in and You may have seen it where it's like, this is my voice. one day after living in the valley. This is my voice. Two weeks living in the valley. Right? You may have seen a video like that. I did one for, this is my voice after one day of watching James Charles. Two weeks after watching James Charles and I did that kind of thing. And in the end I was like, hi sisters. And I showed my palate because I had bought the palette Recently and I was super excited and that got like 200 likes, Which was like 207, pretty like, I literally, I remember just like doing it and like looking and I was like, oh, like this kind of got 207 lakes, which at the time probably was pretty freaking good. I don't know because I wasn't really paying too too much attention to it. But right now if I posted something and I got 207 likes, I'd be like, damn. Yeah, that was a good post, right? Because like my average post right now, average gets like, if it's a good post, I'm happy if I post gets 60 likes right now, I'm at like, how many followers and my aunt right now, let me look like I just grow back up. 1000, Followers. I'm happy If a post gets 60 likes and I'm still trying to figure out what is actually good on Tiktok because I look at like the charlie D Amelio's and the Addison rays of Tiktok, right? Those are like the Tiktok queens and kings. They sly, they do it, they get tons of use, they're getting tons of opportunities in life. So excited for them go them, they like, so with instagram, If you get 10 Engagement, being you have 1000 followers, if you get 10% of 1000 which is 100 likes on a post, that's good. That's very good. Because as you grow the more fives, You have, it's harder and harder to get 10% of your total followers to like a post. So 10 percent is good. Right. I don't know what the percentage for Tiktok is right now, I'm still trying to figure it out personally what that is because it's not the same as instagram because if you look at the charlie, I'm gonna pull up charlie right now. She's my girl. I literally love her so much. She's killing the game. People need to stop making fun of her because she's literally just like, Probably the hardest working 16 year old. Um, yeah, you can get mad at me for that or you can quote me on it because she's killing the game. Okay, So you're supposed from charlie, that's like a few days a week. Okay. It's a week for a week ago. 32 million views you guys. So I look at, so like there's two ways to look at, I guess engagement, right? I can say, okay, out of the number of people who viewed this post, how many people actually engaged with it. But you can also look at like follower percentage right out of the total number of followers you have, like, what percentage of those people are likely to have looked at it. Um, I think for tick to views like the number of views in regards to the number of likes, that's like the metric you want to look at, right? So this post from charlie D'Amelio from a week ago has 32 million views, but she has four million likes on it. So 32 million views. 3, 10 percent of % 32 million is three million. So she has Higher than 10%. So it's not instagram from the articles that I've read. Um, I think there's a medium dot com article, I can link to it um in the notes of this or like in the blog post are right about this, which you can find on keep up with me dot tumblr dot com. They always say to look at the number of thought, like if you were trying to get like a brand deal or work with somebody or like get paid to post, they're looking at a number of followers and um, the percentage of likes you got in regards to the number of total followers you have. So, um, but th that doesn't do like Tiktok has views every time, right? Like with instagram, you only have like the number of views if it's a video. Um but Tiktok, it's always view number. You can always see that. So I think that's why I'm saying, let's look at like views to like, so charlie is getting More than 10% and we know charlie is the number one power person on Tiktok right now. So this is like literally the best you can do. So we have to assume, right that getting slightly above 10% is like, that means you're doing good because that's what charlie, d'Amelio is doing. That's how I'm measuring that right now. Um I would urge you to maybe like google to like tiktok um what would I google, what are good numbers for Tiktok, right? Like tick tock strategy, anything like that, Like google yourself to, I'm gonna probably do a little more research after I'm done recording this episode. But I'm just like kind of going off of like what I've seen in the past with other social media platforms and like, you know, that's how I'm Coming at. That number is like slightly above 10%. So All that to say at the time, if my video got 400 views, 10% would be 40. Right? So even if we're slightly above 40 that that post got the post I was talking about, that I did Back in the day in 2019, It had 400 views, but it got 200 likes. So that's, that's dope. Right? And so, and if I can do that on a post like now right now, now that I'm because, because when I started on Tiktok, it was less populated. Coronavirus has huge, huge impact on the number of people using Tiktok right now, it was already like the fastest growing social media platform, but like coronavirus because everybody stuck inside, like it's just amplified that onto another level. So all that being said. Usually If I'm getting 10% based on views, if I get 10%, I'm like, Okay, cool. But I know based on like the post That I had go viral, like it needs to be like almost like 50% or higher. I look at my post and I haven't had a post goes viral as the post that I had. But I'm always looking and I can kind of tell if a post is going to do like good because I'm like, how many views doesn't happen? How many likes doesn't have right? If the views and likes is super close together, I'm like, oh, this is going to be a good, this one is going to begin. But then sometimes it's like weird to like there's always an exception to the rule. And like I've had posts that I posted and they did okay. But then they randomly start to go like a little viral. So it all depends. But like just as a general rule of thumb, 10% is like cool. Like I hope with every post that I post, I'm doing at least 10% because I know like the best of the best are doing slightly above it. Um, so that's kind of like what I aim for. I had started on Tiktok around March 2019 and I had those couple of post go back and they're doing pretty good. But then I stopped okay. I stopped doing Tiktok because personally, like my life in that time period was just, it was so hectic. Um, I began to start feeling a little unfulfilled and the work that I was doing and I was like, I need a change. Um, and so I eventually went on to get a new job and it started out really great and then it kind of just became a fire and crashed and burned and it became like one of truly one of the worst experiences I've ever had, but I'm grateful for it because it taught me a lot and I grew so much from it, but I was in one of the lowest points I've ever been in um kind of from like August September 2019 until October 2019. Um so I just didn't have the mental space to continue to talk because I felt really unfulfilled um at the job I was at Prior and then I moved into my new job and I was hyper focused on that and then it slowly became not amazing and just not great. Um and then that's like literally a whole nother podcast episode and so then I was like, I need a change. And so like, imagine like, you know, your job is like overtaking your life so much that you just like, one, don't have the space to like have fun to take care of yourself lot along. Like do Tiktok right? So like, March was about the time when I started to kind of feel like, okay, I need a change and then, you know, I made a change and it wasn't a good change in october, I made one of literally the best changes in my life. I always say I'm super grateful for the, like, the experiences I had Before October 2019 because it made me stronger, I literally dealt with like the worst of the worst kind of situation. So now that I'm in like one of the literal best situations of my life, it's a breeze. I truly love it. I feel so fulfilled in the work that I'm doing and I'm challenged just enough, but I am able to excel just enough and it's great. That's all I could ever ask for. So once I was in a great position in my life mentally with the work I was doing, you know, comes january 2020 I'm feeling good, I'm having so much fun, I've made some new friends. I'm literally living my best life and I'm like, you know what, like let me figure out what I want to do with social media because If you follow me, you may know like I started a YouTube channel probably in January of 2019 when I was starting to feel like I wanted to have like more of a creative outlet, it was career focused. Um and in June of 2019 I kind of stopped because I had been feeling super unfulfilled in like my 9-5 work and I didn't know what to do and I felt like I needed to change that to be able to be creative um in my spare time and then I made that change and it like started to consume my life and I just didn't have time for Youtube anymore and like I truly began to hate social media because the job I had made me hate social media and made me literally never want to pick it up again. So I just stopped everything, but I know that I knew it. I still new social media was my passion, but every time I, I recorded so many videos talking about like what I was going through um and the experience is that I was having, but I just couldn't post it and I don't know why and I'm also like, kind of grateful. I didn't because I've learned, you know, that's hindsight is always 2020, but I'm just happy. I'm in a space now where I feel fulfilled and I have the mental space and the drive to truly make content. So I'm happy if you're listening to this, thank you for being here Because it kind of took like a long road to get here and I'm just so happy. But anyway, so tick tock 2020 I started in january because I had the mental space to do it and I was feeling good and I was like, yeah, like let me figure out what I want to do with social media because as I've explained earlier, like it is my passion. I love to do it. So I needed to figure out like what I wanted to do because I learned that um what I had been doing prior just wasn't really fulfilling. Like I started out loving it, but then I got bored. Um So yeah, so I was like, you know what, I'm just gonna have fun 2020, my new year's resolution with social media because I was to a point where I was like, so annoyed with it, I was like, you know what? Because let me, let me dial it back a little bit with social media. A best practice is to find your niche. They say you have to niche to blow up one of my favorite social media strategist, um Sonny Lenarduzzi, she's all about like Youtube strategy and video strategy. I literally, she's like so smart and so awesome. If you ever want to get into social media highly recommend you watch one of her videos. Um she has this saying you have to niche down to blow up and I wholeheartedly 100 percent believe that to be true because there's a blueprint, there's so many people who have niche touched and blown up. It's true. Like that definitely works. But I think for me, I'm so interested in literally so many things like you heard it in the intro, like I literally just, I'm interested in so many things I didn't know what to choose. So I needed a way to be able to share and create what I wanted when I wanted and not feel restricted to a niche. So like a lot of the stuff I was creating for my Youtube channel was all the stuff I was creating for my Youtube channel was career focus and that was like a huge part of my life throughout college and even at the time when I started it, but then it became like almost like draining and boring to me because I was like, okay, well now I have a career I like, so I'm not too fascinated about career. Like, yeah, you can always continue to network and you can always continue to build your own personal brand in regards to like marketing yourself as a candidate. Even like if you have a job and you love it, just like not like actively like marketing yourself, but just like continuing to like show yourself on linkedin or whatever and just like continuing to have conversations with people and book your work brand, so to speak, right. I loved that. But like I was, you know, at the time when I first started the Youtube channel, I was starting to be a little unfulfilled but I wasn't totally unfulfilled. So like, I just slowly became like on motivated because I was like, well I have my job and I love it and like, I don't always want to talk about career because I'm doing other things. I'm like going out with friends, I'm like hearing about like really cool things in pop culture, you know, I'm starting to listen to podcasts more. Like I'm hearing so many other things I want to talk about, but I felt like that doesn't have to do with career, so I can't put it on my Youtube channel because it doesn't make sense, like the best practices you got a niche now and blow up. So I just felt super unfulfilled and I needed something, I needed a way to be able to share what I wanted and that's what this podcast is. So that was kind of like, I just kind of went into like the history of like
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