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How TikTok Blew Up Olivia Rodrigo/Joshua Bassett/Sabrina Carpenter

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Last Played: November 22, 2021
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When Driver's License first came out in January, it blew up the music scene largely thanks to TikTok. But, also thanks to the drama surrounding Olivia Rodrigo, her "High School Musical: The Musical: The Series" co-lead Joshua Bassett, and actress Sabrina Carpenter. And the internet exploded.
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great song Passion. I was crying the first time I heard it, I was invested in a relationship that I didn't know existed between Olivia, Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett. Uh like I said was on this show and let me make a correction. He did not call them buddies, he called her a homie. He said she's a homey. When Fran asked about Olivia and Tiktok ate that up. They were like Joshua, fuck him, fuck boy, like Colin Olivia homie all this nonsense and Olivia song quickly went viral. It's trending everywhere, number one everywhere and it's being taylor swift, Justin Bieber all those people, it's rising, she's going to be such a star and this song really set her off. But I was on twitter and I started seeing like oh shit livia, Rodrigo shading Joshua, Bass and Sabrina Carpenter. I was like wait a second, wait a damn minute. Where did I miss out on this juicy drama that I would love to know about? I am way to invest it in as a 23 year old woman caring about these Disney stars. But yes, I do care. Apparently Olivia and josh Joshua had a relationship and they broke up and he moved on with Sabrina Carpenter who was also a Disney star who has also been on the show. We just need Olivia on and then we'll have the trifecta who was also on the show and they are apparently dating now. And in this song she mentions blond girl who is much older than her and she has everything she's insecure about and people really think it's about Joshua and Sabrina Carpenter. I really think it is. I would like to stay say now for the record, anytime we do interview someone in the younger demo, I'm going to search their name on Tiktok because that seems to be where all the drama is. Uh I guess we were not looking at enough High School musical, the musical, the series, T accounts. I feel like because maybe we would have had an idea of what was going on. But it's, it seems very dramatic. There was a tick tock that went viral, uh, explaining that their fellow co stars, we're all liking Olivia social media about her new song and her new single. And none of them liked any of josh's posts about his upcoming ep, that's coming out. And then Larry Sapperstein, the guy who plays Big Red, liked that Tiktok about how they all, we're only liking Olivia social media. So the, there is a lot of drama going on. I apparently, josh and Sabrina have been linked since june of 2020. I mean, we've been living under a goddamn rock. Apparently we have been and I am so disappointed in us because usually couldn't believe things. And we didn't see the paparazzi shots of them out to lunch together, them doing Tiktok together. We didn't see any of that before we interviewed him. What is wrong with us? We deserve. We failed. Instead of, you know, in class, when you get a star, when you did something next to your name, we should get a fucking slap on the wrist that we didn't know about any of this because we could have asked him and we didn't usually when we do interviews and there's something that they don't want to talk about or to be asked about. Its relationship thing. We get told how you don't ask about this. Like with Madeline and Chase, It was like, don't ask if they're dating. And then of course, we didn't put two and two together. It was because they were dating another missed by us. But anyways, moving on, moving on past that still, you know, I don't want to make it seem like we are incredible sources. So moving past that we were never told, hey, don't ask about Joshua's relationships or Sabrina Carpenter or anything like that, if we would have seen that, we would have asked so huge Miss by us. But moving past that, I think Sabrina Carpenter is harmless and unproblematic and a queen and I think that Olivia Rodrigo is the same and I think it's sad now to see people attacking Sabrina Carpenter for dating Joshua Bassett, because if anybody is in the wrong, if Joshua did do something wrong, then it would be hit, you know, it would be like, okay, let's go after Joshua, whatever he did, you know, did he cheat on her or did he break up with her and immediately went to Sabrina, we don't know, but as of right now, it just seems like Olivia and Joshua had something, they broke up and he moved down with Sabrina Carpenter and I don't think that anybody should attack Sabrina Carpenter for that. Like that would be ridiculous. As for the cast mates that are choosing sides, this is where I have a problem with Joshua. Olivia's big released a driver's license like we said, fantastic song popping off on the charts, Joshua then announces his new ep the same day. Like bro, can you read the room? I don't, I don't get why you would post that announcement on the same day. That makes you look like you are like thirsty for attention and trying to out china Libya, you could have had that announcement any other day, but you announce it the same day that this song came out and I don't like that, I don't like that. I think you should have waited now. I still like Joshua because from what I've seen nothing makes me dislike him. Unless he were to cheat on Olivia with Sabrina. That would be a whole other situation. But we don't know that. We just know that clearly the cast mates are picking sides and maybe Joshua calling Olivia homie. Well it's not good. Yeah the t really was just piping hot all weekend for this for this crew and what's been going down and like you said, the lyrics scream Sabrina Carpenter. Apparently Olivia actually changed the lyrics from brunette to blonde. She had released like an earlier version of the song. She shared some of it on her instagram and it originally was brunette. But she changed that too. You're probably with that blond girl instead. So it definitely feels personal. Uh if you want some more details, you can go check out the H. S. M. T. M. T. S underscore T. Tiktok account which I found very informative. Um Olivia's ex commented on some tic tac, his name's Ethan wacker, he said um like it's not about him and he said nope, I treated her well. Uh there's a clip of Olivia telling a story about how josh took her driving for the first time ever in a parking lot of in and out. The two of them together really would make a lot of sense with the name of this song. And then Griffin Gluck who was Sabrina's ex boyfriend posted on his instagram story, a picture of himself with driver's license playing specifically the lyric about the blonde girl and he wrote pop. So I have chills, I have piping hot kids in the streets man, the kids are wild in the 17 year old, I mean Olivia is only 17, their young, this is like Sabrina is 21 Joshua's 20 so that makes me feel better about us talking about it because I'm 23 although I feel older, I could hang out with Joshua and Sabrina realistically I could fit in with them but it feels weird talking about that at the same time because you're like these kids are fucking young but the drama is hot and we're involved at this point, we are now in it and once I realized that there was drama along with the song, I loved it even more because when I first heard the song obviously was like this is very good, but then I was like damn, she had the balls to write these lyrics and put them out there and everybody's figuring it out. Sabrina's ex boyfriend that's got to be cold, That's cold. And you know how you can trim the song on your instagram stories, Like when you add it, like he trimmed it. So it was specifically the lyric like you're, you're probably with that blond girl who always made me doubt. Like it was specifically that spot at the same time though, if I'm Sabrina Carpenter, I feel complimented fucked up because I feel like at the same time you wrote a whole damn song about me. Yeah, I always feel like it's a compliment when people.
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