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How To Avoid Creative Burnout

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If you want to remain in the game, stay fresh, creative, and not become a cover band of yourself, here is the snippet you need to listen to.
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on, uh, on full, fully charged batteries. As you said, So, you know, working, um, in the music industry for so long, You know, you clearly know how to, uh, continue, continue making music decade after decade, and that's awesome, you know, and not too many people can really stay with a single act for so long. And you know what? What would you, uh, attribute your ability to continually evolve the band, but yet still keep the soul of it? Yeah. Yeah, well, I mean, I think having the variety of music, um, you know, the music that we played over the years is definitely kept it interesting. Even changing up the lineup has kept it interesting. So there hasn't been, um, is sort of burnout factor, and we don't we Sometimes we've toured a lot, and sometimes we have not realized very flexible, you know, which is important. And where do you draw those lines? Like, when is it time to go for it for a month? And when is it time to just sit back and absorb? Yeah. I mean, it's it's hard to say and it's really a group effort. As far as making those decisions um So it you know, you can only sort of make that decision yourself, you know? But I think you can tell. It's like, if you're if you're spinning your wheels and it feels like, um, things are moving forward, then, yeah, take a break. But you don't have to be like, Oh, it's falling apart, you know? I mean, you just take a break, you know, slow it down. It's fine. You know, there's music isn't going anywhere. I think that if you look at it like goal oriented and we have to be here with this time and making this much money by this time, then, yeah, you you might end up throwing in the towel when it doesn't reach those goals. But it's good to have a vision, but you don't. The vision is the most important part, not the end game. You don't have to like, get to where your vision you might have seen in your vision, because that ends up being coming contrived, you know, and the vision might give you ideas, and then it gives you inspiration and you start working on it, but you're going to It's going to shift and change you know what I mean? Which is fine. So, you know, I think that, you know, you just got to feel it out, you know, in the in the end, it's it's the music that matters. It's the creativity that matters. If you're not being creative, if you're just if you become a cover band of yourself then you know fuck it, change it up. You know what I mean? Which is fine. I mean, we've we've knocked it down to, like, 20 shows a year. At one point, you know, I don't you know, it's like if we just did, like, two dozen shows the next year, but they're all really good shows. It's like, Okay, every show is going to be different and it's gonna be cool. It's gonna be fun. And maybe in in between, those shows were going to write music. You know, there's always something to do. Being creative is the most important part, you know. And even if we had spent less time, uh, playing as a band, we will give us time to do side projects stuff. And then when we did side project stuff, we bring it back to the band and then we'd have more energy enthusiasm for what we're doing as a band or I'm I've been to Cuba twice to study Bata drumming. That, to me was really inspirational at the time to where I wanted to go musically with the Motet. So, like not playing at all. You know, as far as you know, the Motet or some other side project goes. But doing something else musically, that all leads to a positive end. So I think that you know it's more about it's not what you do, it's what you don't do is like Don't you know, don't spend your wheels Don't Don't you know, push yourself to try so hard to do something that's like it's taking away from your creative energy. You know, that's the main thing. So if there's no way to predict there's no formula, but you know, it's like, you know, as like as a person who wants to stay healthy