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How To Best Unleash Your Creativity

From Audio: FMP 010 – Aphasia
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Get to learn how to best tap into your creativity.
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I just go in and try to make music on a regular basis, no matter what. Do you have a schedule, or do you have a target that you aim for? I mean, I end up almost every day. I end up working on music no matter what, just because that's really what I just like to do. I mean, I do other things for fun. Don't get me wrong. I mean, I love going out in the mountains a lot and and and playing video games just like anyone else. But, um, just like naturally, it's usually a daily for me to work on something. I think it's important almost every day for most artists just to try. Just get in that space, try to get used to deciding to just try to be creative. I think you can. I don't think you can force creativity like if you sit down and you get in there and you're trying and you're putting yourself in front of your tools and you're doing your best to stimulate your mind into that and nothing's going, then that's that is what it is. But you make yourself get to there and behind the tools in progress to give yourself a chance for things to flow easily. And then if they don't cut it off? Yeah, I have a weird analogy coming up in my head right now. Let's go with, uh what is this? It was like those guys who would scan the universe for alien transmissions. Okay, It's okay. Imagine creative flow state as like a random thing in the air like a radio signal. And you have to just put the antenna up and turn it on and scan through the frequencies, or you're never going to catch it with electronic music or any music. If you're going to, like, take something from this wild part of our consciousness, we can't understand creativity. You know, we don't understand it. Brain scientists don't have the faintest clue why we're creative or why we paint. They don't know. It doesn't do anything to help us survive as a species. So if you're going to engage with that, you have to at least give your brain a chance to try to soak some of that up. And for me, it's like getting into my software, my tools. Sometimes there's meditation involved, like I'm big into, like mindfulness meditation, trying to breathe and remove all the survival type thoughts going through my head. Bill's job, whatever. None of us can help you be creative meditating back to just being there, being present. Have your antenna on, really, you know. And you might never get a signal from another alien race, but or you might like for me if I just turn on that antenna enough, I end up getting something. Quite often you get it more than you than you'd expect if you just get into that space and when do you turn on the antenna? Is it a consistent time of day? No, I mean for me. It's usually the evening, honestly, just because of like the schedule of my job, like it's a pretty normal, like 9 to 5 workday, you know, through the week. So it's evenings. Also, when I was a kid event, like just in the summer, it was the evenings because everyone would be in bed like not as many people calling or talking to you. So, like late at night, sometimes I've noticed a lot of electronic musicians become major night owls because two or 3 a.m. you're not dealing with a lot of that like faux mo like, Oh, what is everyone doing right now? It's three AM They're sleeping, Okay? I mean, if it's Friday night, maybe they're drinking, but they're sleeping. So there's no one that you're worried about me. There's nothing you're worried about missing out on it. Subconsciously, there's no work to be done. There's just you in the dark with a computer, and that's where, like good music comes from. For me, so late night. Sometimes there's an interestingly stimulating time because your brain is like got almost no influence except for like, Whoa, we just We want to be creative. We're just here and there's nothing going on. Everyone's asleep so, like late at night. But I for me like the evenings just after work is when I have the time to do it. So that's where I figure if you know any time to turn on the antenna as well, do it now. We'll have time, Um, but on the weekends, I might open a track in the morning. You know, coffee, like when I'm drinking coffee in the morning and stuff my mind is usually a little less creative. I've noticed just because I'm waking up still and because of the coffee or because the morning or little of both and I just drink coffee in the morning just to get up. But it makes me more analytical than anything. Coffee is kind of like a working drug. Yeah, so but that's good to like in the mornings and the days. I'll do a lot more of that analytical type work mixing, mastering, fine tuning, get real analytical about my music, cut out things that I can cut out, Um, doing just a lot of engineering best practices and getting it up to sonic quality that I'm proud of. And that's a trend for me, not not a strict thing of a lot of creative out put during the day when the sun when the sun's out and stuff. But I just can shut out a lot of stuff at night and get down to that subconscious space where the magic happens. Do you feel like it's easier to get into that space when you haven't slept for the whole day or like you're slightly sleep deprived, as opposed to waking up fresh after pressure on sleep? I don't know if I mean, I've I think I've noticed. I've taken sleep pretty seriously for my health. That's been an improvement. Don't. But being a little tired can help. I think I see what you're getting at where, like you're not trying to solve as many problems. When you're tired, you're feeling more. So I think there's a little bit of it of that going on, but more or less it's just for me the subconscious knowledge of like nothing's happening right now. It's late at night. It's like free space. There's just nothing happening. There's nothing you need to do. You're not missing any commitment. Everybody's gonna call you. Yeah, yeah, like, you know, that you're just able to sit here in silence and do your thing if you want, and there's something just subconsciously freeing about it. You're my mind. Let's go about all sorts of stuff when it's later like that
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