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How To Deal Criticism

From Audio: FMP 014 – Sevana
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You can overcome and get better despite criticism. Learn more in this snippet.
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Let's go to your voice. So you performed on stage. You got booed off stage, and then you got back up and you got back on stage. It's amazing. So, yeah, I was there. And even in the competition that we were part of the national competition were about 16. Um, we got because a lot of ridicule and criticism, so it was brutal because all of your makeup could see us. You know what I mean? Yeah. Was it on TV? It was on TV. Yeah, and we go up, we go up there before out before the whole country every Sunday night and sing. And then people would have things to say because they see us on the street would have to come. We would have to campaign in the street to get votes, right? So that stays in the street. And they'd have only if you are singing and the sound good. Um, you know, I can't sing. You don't sound good. Um, they're too young to be in the competition. And you shouldn't have chosen that song. Oh, I don't like you. You know? So there's a lot of I faced a lot of that. I call those haters. Yeah. I mean, I'm definitely really stronger because of it, though I'm not easily fazed by anything that people say. How did you develop your voice? Because you've I would I haven't heard those early recordings or that t v show. But I imagine that your voice has evolved over the years. Was there anybody that helped you develop your voice or what steps did you take? Two. Pursue your instrument or your voice. Right. Um, thank thank you for asking. Um, I just kept singing. Um, that was a huge part of it. I just be, you know, because it's kind of built in for me. You know how singers are always singing all the time. It's not something that we can necessarily help or it's not because we want to show off. It's just it's just something that feels it feels really good to sing, you know, And then also it's Milton is a part of you, So you always want to be singing. And then I mean, I me just singing throughout the competition and and and, um, learning how to harmonize because that's something I learned on the TV show as well. How to harmonize because of my group members and then us trying to be a group after that for maybe, like, a year before, you know, they had decided that they wanted to go back to school and and, you know, kind of moved back home and so on. I didn't want to move back home, but we have been trying to make it work for some time. And we've We've always been singing, practicing our sets because we had, you know, wanted to shows across Jamaica, actually, quite a bitter shows across Jamaica that we'd go and sing it. And, um so for for I think like a year, there was just practicing, singing, harmonizing, like getting the or sets down, you know, like getting a set list, um, perfected. And then after that, Now, when we have decided that, you know, we're all going our separate ways, I just get singing. And I was writing my own music and, you know, and I kind of linked up with an engineer that was in the area at the time who had access to a studio, and I just go up there and, like, become familiar with hope. Recording with what recording felt like, and I just have I just be covering different songs in the booth, and I just be like, around the studio and like around recording equipment and just listening to myself, figuring out what's only good figuring out what I did that changed like the tone of, you know, like tone of a note or delivery of a note. Um, so that really helped as well. And I and I did that for some time, and I remember at one point as well, going on to YouTube and I was following. I don't remember. Oh yes, Britt, that's his name. Brick. I was following. I was doing like tutorials like vocal exercise exercises that he would give me on YouTube and just be, you know, randomly, randomly. I discovered him because I wanted to be even better, So I had him be my coach for a little bit. He didn't know, though, and most recently, I think maybe two years ago 2.5 years ago I actually met with a local cook in Jamaica. Her name is Ruth Royce, and then I, you know, got better at my technique. I'm just not necessarily just just kind of improve the delivery of the notes. You know, because there's just ways that you can optimize your ways that you can lessen the pressure on your vocal cords, just ways that you can just sing better a little bit better for your body, easy or future, like expel notes. So that's that's the journey, Anthony.
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