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How to Give Your Mom a Spa Day at Home During Quarantine

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Some super fun ideas to give your Mother a Spa Day or spa time at home, even during quarantine and covid. Also easy pampering gifts for her on Mothers Day - whether she lives nearby or far away. Not just your normal spa gift certificates. How to stage your Mom's room or home for a spa day. How to use spa websites to buy gifts for mom. DIY hand scrub recipe. See it all on
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really really great price, good discount site. Um So a few years ago um Excuse me, A few years ago they had a Mother's Day, like a Mother's Day chat, like ideas to give your mom for um for Mother's Day things to give your mom on their facebook page. And I put together this little magazine which kind of is like a recap of that chat that we did and I just wanted to share with you all some of these ideas that I had and this is um I don't know if y'all ever use issue I. S. S. U. U. Dot com. But I've created some little like magazines and things um on here like first spot home kind of stuff. And so you can go over to my um it's part of the spot over an issue dot com. I'll put a link and you can go over there and check out some of my stuff if you want. And we've got some fun ideas for ways to spot home and and feel great of course as I cough. Um But right here is this a little magazine I put together like a scrapbook of what we did on our chat. Um So you can just, this is kind of about it here. But these were some of my ideas um if your mother lives close by because everybody has different situations right with their mom. And also not every mother mother likes like massages. You know, some people have a thing with it, you know, and it can, it is definitely very personal experience. So if your mom doesn't like massage, um think about stuff that she loves to do and of course some of these things you're not gonna be able to do, but I had like take her to the art museum or the nature center. Uh you could even, but with this you could just go out and do like a little forest, bathing forest walk in your neighborhood with her for Mother's Day. And some of the other ideas I had would be like staging her bedroom, kind of, you know, making her bed like give her some new sheets, a fragrance mist, you know, cozy little side rug for when she gets in and out of the bed and a crap of the wall of water. So she could have her morning water. And um, that's something else that I don't know. You may or may not be able to do if your, your mom is a member of your quarantine can go over there and just let her whole bed up before she goes to sleep that night. Being like a nice little surprise. You put rose petals on it. Also, um, her bath, the bathroom, you could do this very similar thing in the bathroom and there's all the details right here or breakfast In bed is always a fun thing. Um one thing I used to always do this D. I. Y. Treat from my mom and my mom has sadly passed, but um I'd like to make these little, we used to make scrubs together. So this is a recipe I had for homemade sugar scrub. That's super easy. Um Just like a cup of sugar, five tablespoons of olive oil, some flower petals, some herbs, mix it all up, sort of like the little paste and serve it in a really pretty like little sugar bowl. Um The spot branch, we can't do this year. For sure. Um If your mom lives farther away um and if you're sending her bath products, be sure to take down the lid because, oh my God. Yeah, I cannot tell you even off amazon I get stuff and the lids aren't take down. And I've had like opened up like to a big glob of you know, um like bap gel or lotion and you can always tell by the outside of the box, it's like all wet when you get it. Really gross, right? Um and you could hire, well right now I wouldn't do this, but you could hire a Stager interior designer to create a spot space for her in her room, in her home or room. Um And one thing that we're gonna, I'm gonna show you a few things right now is a lot of spas have online um retail and even more now now with the coronavirus, there's more having that and that's that's really awesome. And I think a lot of them may be able to get you things in time for Mother's Day, especially if you're looking for somewhere close by. And most of the spots that I thought I'm going to talk about today, Sorry. Most of the spots we're gonna talk about today probably are not close by you, but they may still be able to get you the goods in time for Mother's Day and if not, then let me know, I'll be happy to try and find a spot near you that will ship you items or items. You could like pick up curbside. And then there's, these are just some other fun things that kind of kind of give all year round. Um, they have like Harry and David has like their, you know, monthly treats boxes. There's flowers, there's edible arrangements. I used to always give this to my mom. She really loved those. And mm excuse me. And there's also a pajama, gram, which is really fun. They'll send her like a new pair of pajamas every month or every three months. Whatever you decide, it's a really fun kind of unique spot, fish, cozy guest, something that people could really use right now, especially since we're staying at home so much more. And so that was my little uh, little guide. Some little spa ideas for Mother's Day and um sorry about everything is bouncing like the titanic here and background because I'm sitting on the bed and it's kind of a like softer bed.