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How To Maintain Individuality In A Band

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Maintaining a balance between individuality and band's cohesiveness.
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how are you able to highlight individuality of a particular instrument while still maintaining a cohesive sound? I think something that's really helped us is we kind of are really open minded as a band. So, like someone will bring a song and maybe, you know, it's totally kind of an entirely different direction than we normally go, and we just we just do it anyways. So we're not really trying to put ourselves in this whole like genre of like, Oh, we play this one kind of music So we must stick to it. It's kind of like, Hey, let's try that. And then let's go this way And then lately we've been doing where we like combined songs and there'll be one genre and a totally different genre. Just smash next to each other, and it's kind of really fun, like we do. We do like, uh, the Dark I song. This is really Gypsy song into a kind of a What would you call that? Like, What would you call Sands real? It's like Calypso. It's like so we're like, Yeah, we do that a lot, too. Yeah, we take traditional songs. We totally do spins on them like really old traditional songs. But, yeah, we've been liking doing that. You know, we go from, like, a Latin vibe into a Celtic tune kind of stuff like that. So I think that's kind of something that we've been really digging lately. And so were you referring to like, uh, like, separation and, like how we set each other up for solos and stuff like that? Yeah, I think a lot of it is, I mean, trying to be aware of, like, your ranges and stuff like that, and to not step on each other's part as much as possible. Actually, going from from a five piece band to a four piece band has made that way easier to in a way. I mean, we had some good people who played with, but when it comes down to it, it's, uh, it's yeah, especially with cello myself. It's always trying to figure out where my part fits like in a puzzle, you know, to try to not muddy up every like the base or get you know where the guitar tenor our vocals. Yeah, it's a delicate range, so it's always really case by case. That's the thing. It's It's not really one formula, but there's definitely patterns