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How To Make A Song Idea Work

From Audio: Diggin Dirt - FMP 007
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Find out what role bandocracy plays in the song making process.
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the idea. So how do you kind of battle test your ideas and see what works? And then realize that that idea clashes with the initial one and kind of work it all out creatively. Yeah, well, I mean, this thing happens in such a weird order over different songs. Um, I would I would like to think that for the majority of it, the rhythm section, the drums, bass guitars, sort of locked in the groove. They sort of just one comes out of the ether and they just capture it and they do a thing. And then, um yeah, in in no particular order, the horns come up with a thing and I come up with a thing to kind of fill the gaps that we see are available. I think funk particularly is a genre where it's very easy to do too much. And so, in communicating through their creative process, I think a lot of the things that get set, or like I think, you know, there's a little too much clutter here. Um, this this is too long, you know? Just tighten it up, shorten it up, and then everything finds its its own pocket. you know, and that's that's what Funk really is to me is the pocket, you know, knowing when not to play. And um, yeah, but gosh, I want to, you know, the first album that we made the really long album. A lot of those were dirt tunes for years and years, and I feel like I just showed up and put lyrics over them and same with the horns. They might have tweaked some things, but there are some songs were like an individual bandmate will literally tell everyone what to do, like get proud. Was is one of my favorite personal songs, just for the fact that I kind of got to come in and tell the bass guitar what to play until you know, it's like some Some songs are like That is just like someone's own brainchild, and everyone in the band is gracious enough to listen and really dig in and try and project what this one band mate is dreaming of, you know, in their head. So, yeah, I mean, there's a number of ways where that goes down. I feel like the word that we always fall back on to to kind of make these decisions. Zach is speaking of I mean yeah, again. I think most of the time it just kind of happens. And we all just, you know, end up enjoying it, and we can give each other feedback or tweet. But I think the word we fall back on luckily is banned ocracy. We really don't have, um, you know, too strong headed of individuals in this band that want to really steer a vibe. Anyway, unless it is really, like a brainchild or a song that one person is envisioning. We're all happy to work with whatever the vision is. But really, it just comes down to a majority vote if most everyone likes it. And usually it's this that we all like it, you know? But it just kind of comes down to ban democracy, which is lucky for such a big band. We like to think that we're a band without a front man because he's the front man. A pretty cool hope. I don't buy too many. What is it? I just I find them the same way his musicians wishes. He finds I start finding you. Well, I appreciate you. So I got a question to expand a little bit, actually, yeah. Sorry. Sorry. Can I expand a little bit? I just understand it like it's always a continuous process. Um, as well. Like there's there's still tunes that are that are changing just a little bit will change the form just a tad. And so, yeah, I just want to put that in there. So the songs are they ever completed or are you playing them live and still trying to get the better version of it? I think we are we and it's funny, like our feelings change about songs, too. Especially some of the older ones, like Well, just will completely change the tempo or, you know, really bump up the vibe. And then and then It's also just kind of this feedback system where we play them live and we see how people receive them, and we kind of fine tune that way as well. So I think they are changing. Maybe not always intentionally, but I would say definitely they are even tunes that we let me stop playing because they don't exactly hit with the crowd. So going back to kind of that ideation moment when you guys are jamming and figuring out what works. So what do you do once you've come up with something that you think could work? Do you all just fall asleep and forget it in the morning? Or do you capture it somehow or usually bust out the iPhone and record it real quick so that we don't forget it? But it's a It's a matter of iterative Whatever that word is, you know, process where we keep coming back at it usually a few times over a few different practices and usually the rhythm section has their groove pretty set pretty locked in when they bring it. Yeah, so a lot of them work together outside of the band. So they have this time together, too. Kind of create groups. And so they'll come in with usually some kind of locker room. Then, really, I mean, that's a big piece of the work done there, and we gotta just kind of, you know, put the ornamentals on top to really think of the song. Yeah, that's such a cool moment when you're jamming and you're like everyone realizes almost at once like Oh, shit, this is a It is just an Oh, shit. Moment everyone goes, Oh, shit. And you get a little high on it. Just Yeah, I love that. My other test for tunes is Sometimes I'll bring home the recording from rehearsal and playing for my girlfriend and she'll she'll say, Fuck that fucking tune. It's stuck in my head Now. We haven't even played to win or finish to finish the two, uh
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