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How To Overcome Nervousness Before A Performance

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Don't let nervousness mess your music career. Take a listen.
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Can you tell me about each of your first live performance? Your first time that you got paid for a gig? Talk about your live performance and any nervousness you had and how you overcame that. There was one time I the first time I ever got paid to play music. I was still in high school jazz trombone player, and it was just me and a bass player. And we got paid to play a company Christmas party, and they basically just wanted us to play Christmas students and jazz standards. And I wasn't a great trombone player. I didn't really know the songs. I was sight reading most of what I was doing and me and this bass player. It just ended up flooding through all this work, and they still paid us both $200 a piece at the end of the day. And we're really thankful. So I I felt like a lot of people just appreciated the effort, and ever since then I've been able to just kind of keep my head on and just go out there and try as hard as I can. Um, yeah, and for me, for this is will obviously. But for me, I, uh I mean, I remember a couple of different instances. My, uh I guess my first, uh I think this is maybe why I'm nervous in front of smaller crowds. And it sounds terrible because, like, for me, the bigger the crowd, the better. But when I was super young, I my parents used to, like, force me to play, you know, like in front of all like the Christmas family, whatever family get togethers. And it was like, Oh, man for, you know, half an hour just all 30 distant relatives that I see once a year staring into your soul. And it's like, I don't know, it was very uncomfortable for me. And I feel like those kinds of at least intimate performance is kind of like still irk me out. I'd literally rather play and in front of 10,000 people than in front of 10, like it's crazy, and, uh and then the first time I got, I got paid for a gig. I've been playing music professionally since I was 12. I guess I met Mike Angela Kiss from Passion Pit on Napster in 1998 and, uh, and we, uh, And we became friends and became in a band, and we used to play all the time professionally, starting at 12 13, especially around those mid teenage years and and played played often, so that was really fun for me. I remember just learning to become a good performer and good bandmate during those times, and it was crucial to the development. It's great to hear, and I appreciate you sharing because there's so many musicians out there who just need to get past that first hurdle before they can really take the next steps in their career. I appreciate you sharing. Yeah, no problem, man. I mean, at this point almost just got to embrace it. You know, it's like you got to have fun. And if you're not having fun, regardless of what I said, regardless of my nerves, whether I'm playing in front of, you know, whatever quantity of people, it's like you just got to go out and have fun. It's like if I look over at Daniel mid set and he's having a blast and I'm not, you know, I feel stupid. So I it's you always got to bring your a game And I think that if you can't have fun by yourself or in front of a friend or in front of a group of people, then you're not gonna be able to have fun fun in front of you know that that big crowd. So to me, it's all about hunting the craft to and just being able to embrace that.