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How To Overcome Stage Fright

From Audio: FMP 014 – Sevana
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After listening to this stage fright will never paralyze you again.
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before you came to Kingston. Tell me about your first musical memory. First musical memory. Very, very first musical memory was when I remember being around by my father's host. Um, my father and mother didn't live together because they separated shortly after I was born. Um, and I remember being at my father's holes and herring, a gospel song. I believe those carry your candle, run through the darkness, seek out the hopeless, confused and torn or something like that. I remember I don't remember how old I was, but I just remember feeling very, um, comforted by the song. Um, not like that. Honest. Did the words really just I mean, I don't know. I just remember the melody and just how beautiful she's owned it. And I just remember feeling very, very comforted. Say, I think that's my first musical memory Great, and tell me about your first musical performance. Was it before did you perform or do anything at school before that competition that you entered? I mean, I was never a part to acquire anything, but there was a music competition that they were hosting. I think it was armed 14 at the time and I've never been. I've never gotten any official, you know, vocal training or anything like that. Um, but I saw that they were having a competition, and I thought, you know, maybe I should enter this. So I entered and I got good off the stage. That was That was cool. I was It was great. Good for me. Yeah, Well, tell me about that. Why was it good for you? Oh, no. I was being sarcastic, but actually, but actually, though, if we're going to be deeper, both it it was good for me, because I, um I got over my stage, right, You know, like, I was no longer afraid of going up in front of people or not as afraid because the worst had happened. Take us that, uh, you know, as with all the stage in front of the whole school, that's that's the worst. It was kind of like. I mean, I cried about it, but it was very much like, Well, I mean, that's the worst that I could imagine that could happen. So if I should try again, um, yeah. Nothing could be worse than that. Yeah. And how did you pick yourself? back up. Or did you have some support from friends or family or how? How did you get back on stage the second time? I just think I am quite determined. I would say, um, generally if something doesn't work out and I really, really wanted to work out, I'll try as many times as I can before I give up, you know? So I just hadn't given even though it sucked. I don't think it was traumatic enough for me to think I'm not. I'm done with this. I'm done with singing. I don't want to sing, you know? So I think internal motivation. Yes, I did get, like, my friends saw that I was booed off stage and they, you know, consoled me. But they weren't like, Oh, you try again. It was just more like, you know, we're so sorry this happened to you. So I think it was more internal motivation, which is how I'm motivated now as well. Um, but more so that because No, I know that music is part of my purpose, you know? Absolutely. So tell me about that internal motivation and confidence and drive that you have. What do you use to stoke that or or to develop that skill or tenacity. Wow. Um mm. I mean, right now it's definitely is definitely linked very tightly, like closely. What's the word? I don't know. It's It's it's It's definitely intertwined with my space at this point, but that. But at that time, I just thought or I felt like music, um, was like a safe space, you know? And I guess these are all, like, safe spaces that buzzword now. But I remember feeling as though music was healing for me, you know? And I also remember, I also remember feeling like music was the only thing that really fit. Like when I was doing that, it really, really made sense, you know? And then it developed from there, too. Oh, um, this is this is it's one of my gifts. Um, and I think it's one of my prayer focuses. It's like one of my main things. That or main reasons why I'm here. You know, like all my life. Like one of my main contributions, Um, and then so that I became kind of stuck on that and then, you know, getting kind of going to the more spiritual side of things. No me developing our relationship with God and Jesus. It became clear it's more more so than ever, because I did have an idea that it was my purpose before, but it became super clear then that it's
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