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How to Survive Your Move This Summer With The Clutter Fairy Weekly

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The Clutter Fairy Weekly
Last Played: November 26, 2021
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April and September see 80% of house/apartment moves in the United States. If you fall into this category this year, make sure to listen to The Clutter Fairy's tips on how to plan and prepare for your new home.
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it is that time of year, and I'm gonna let you share the statistic on that. But like so many people, I am. I had to move here in late March early April again because I had an unbearable neighbor that so we we got got out of our lease early and moved from an apartment in a big fancy complex into a nice little house. It's nice, and it's also little. And so there was some. There was some complexities to the move and and adjusting. And I understand that you are also working with lots of moving clients right now. And so we decided to make moving our preparation and planning for moving our topic this week. And so we're calling this episode moving stories, plans and preparations for the peak season of moves. It is definitely move season again. 80% of moves happened between April and September, and I've got three different clients that are in the big middle of moves right now that I'm trying to either prep or pack or move, and so whole bunch of my client work right now is all about moving, So that's why we're talking about it again and I am reminded as I work with these people about all the ways that we sabotage ourselves when we're trying to get moved. And so I wanted to talk about, you know, lessons from the field and give you some advice. And some of these things are actually because we're talking about prepping they're not the actual move process as much as the prep and the project itself, Um, getting ready in advance. And so there's all kinds of things about that process that you can be working on for any amount of time in advance of when you actually are going to move, or right now, because you know that you may are gonna move someday. And so some of these things will apply to that process as well. Um, so we're gonna go through a little list here. The first one is you have to leave yourself plenty of time to get ready. So I have one client who is moving, and her story is that she's excuse me. She is downsizing from the townhouse that she moved to after she divorced. She's been in the townhouse for a decade, and now she is selling this townhouse, moving to an apartment in anticipation of in a couple of years, moving to Austin to be near her grandkids. So this is sort of a interim step that she's making. And, as you can imagine, she because she was getting divorced when she bought this townhouse, she packed up everything in a hurry. She didn't make any decisions. She was a wreck, and everything went to the town house. Everything that was hers and that went with her all went to the town house. Okay, it's also allergy season. My apologies. I'll just say that now. So in this process of getting ready and simultaneously downsizing, she is trying to thin out a whole bunch of paper right. Which brings us to Step two. So one leave plenty of time to get ready for your move. And she's already pushed her move date back a month because she's been working on it, working on it, working on it, and she's nowhere near ready. And we just barely started on the paper. And so she's already pushed it back a month knowing that she's not gonna make it, and she's also already her friends had planned a week long trip out of town to go have funds in Galveston or somewhere in the coast and yeah, she said, Do you think I can take five days off and I'm like, No, no, you can't take five days off. No. Maybe you can take two days off for three days off, but, yeah, you don't have time to give away a week of your four weeks to get ready to go Have fun. Not this month. I'm sorry. Like, Yeah, I'm sorry that your friends scheduled to fund in the middle of your move, but no. So I'm having to claw back time for her to make sure that she stays on task. And so you've got to have plenty of time and planning a vacation in the middle of the move. Bad idea. There we go. What you do is you plan your vacation for on the other side of the move. Keep yourself motivated. We we we planned and booked our August beach trip while we were in the middle of planning and executing this move. Well, what's good about that is you said August, right? And so, um, that gives you time. If something had gone wrong with the move that gave you time to slide from May to June, June, July Like it gave you some wiggle room in case the move date had to slide. So smart. Good for you. That was a good thing to do before we get too far away from it. On the first topic about leaving plenty of time, we did things a little differently. This time around. Our last move was 900 miles. So everything had to be packed. Everything had to go and go in either the moving truck or our car or away. Those were the only three choices. This time we were moving three miles. So we decided not to use movers but to do it all ourselves. But we allowed ourselves 10 days of overlap. So we're between what and what Pay well paying rent on both places for 10 days, and that was would probably have been enough. But we might have gotten a little in a little bit of a bind. But then the landlord, the the previous tenants were out early, and the new landlord, who is a gentleman and a scholar, said, Sure, you can move in five days early, so we got five extra days to get on it. Yeah, which is good. So we got started earlier, and, you know, it's still just enough time. And we're not talking about a huge space either. We were in a 1300 or 1400 square foot apartment, and we're moving to about 1100 square foot house. Yeah. Yeah. So it still took you three weeks to get it done, right? Yeah. Yeah. And we expand to fill the a lot of time also right. And you're self employed. So we'll we'll circle around that part again to Right? Right. So there was a lot. Yeah, there was a lot to juggle. And yeah, when I say we moved, I mean, hi May moved, and I mostly stayed out of the way. I mean, I was there at key points to pack, to pack things in boxes or baskets and lift things. And I wish that I hadn't lifted things. Yeah, we are too old for that whole moving thing. You know, he lived in the furniture anymore. Mhm. But you don't listen to you. You try to lift it anyway, because that's a guy thing. Okay, so that is leave plenty of time lessons learned about leaving plenty of time and, um, the overlap thing. Paying rent in both places with a 10 day window is, you know that's a good overlap that helps make it easier to get it done and make sure it's all cleaned out and empty by the time you're ready to leave the previous place. So the next thing is you do not want to move what you plan to throw out. And the reason this one came up was because the biggest obstacle for my client that's moving. I was just talking about her. Biggest obstacle is paper. She came away from her marriage with a bunch of paper files.
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