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I think your wife has the cutest smile ever!!!

From Audio: 205. Patton Oswalt
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What immediately can you do to make her smile?
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came in and out. It was, um, back in the day when you go a couple times I was there, uh, Lawrence tyranny would show up, and I was watching E was there watching Citizen Kane one day for that 900 time. And I'm half a now into the movie, enjoying it, and there's someone sits down behind me. I can hear the got to come. And then, um, he just starts. Whoever this is, starts talking to the screen and about the movie, like, let of the fat ass on that bitch. That guy. Oh, he's your kissing her. But everyone knows you're a fag. This there. And I was gonna turn around and go like, Would you shut the fuck up? And it's Lawrence Tierney just rattling off like I knew that asshole that on. And then it became great. Like, this is the best DVD comment I've ever heard. And now I'm really, like, kind of digging. And I get, like, half a Knauer of him just dishing on everyone, and it was. And when I say dishing, it was just like and that motherfucker right there and that other fucking asshole and then his little handler came into some kid was like, Oh, Larry, There you are. Come on. We gotta go, man. And then Lawrence Lawrence Tierney stands up and says, uh, I ain't never seen this cocksucker before. It ain't bad. And then he let, like he just saw half on hour of Citizen Kane. Out of context, that's not bad. Even though, according to him, that's all full of fags and pitches e Okay, just when the show is starting to get good, we're gonna throw a monkey wrench into the works with this commercial word. Support for this podcast comes from McDonald's Spicy Chicken McNuggets Air Back, which means spicy tempura. Breading is back, and the aged cayenne and chili pepper blend also back. How about the mighty hot sauce? Yep, that to that strange but delightful tingle right before the sweat starts beating on your forehead. Oh, it's all back, but only for now, so you might want to get them before they're gone. McDonald's spicy Chicken McNuggets. They're back at participating McDonald's for a limited time. Did you guys know that three out of four people are dehydrated and they don't even know it? It is crazy. We have been drinking liquid ivy that is our sponsor room and tell you about is the fastest, most efficient way to stay hydrated. Every serving can hydrate you 2 to 3 times faster and more efficiently than water alone. And of course, staying hydrated can boost your immunity. It makes you feel stronger, so obviously we're drinking a lot of it right now. These days we're doing it before we work out. After we work out, I'm doing stationary bike, which is an intense workout. I'm losing a lot of sweat. I drink it right after, and I feel I feel so much more hydrated. It's just such an easy way for me to suddenly feel like I've recovered from my workout quicker. Their flavors were outstanding. Not only is an amazing for hydration, it's packed with five central vitamins. B three B five B six B 12. Vitamin C, which is important, has more potassium than a banana. It's amazing. Keep your gallant Tynes yourself or your significant other hydrated all year long. Visit liquid ivy dot com. Enter the code thirsty for 30% off to feel better. Faster. That's thirsty for 30% off at liquid ivy dot com offer and Sunday at Midnight, Pacific time. Thes guys air Awesome. This is a great way for you to feel stronger and feel better and feel healthier in a time where we definitely needed liquid. Ivy dot com Enter the code. Thirsty. Hello, everyone out there in radio podcast land. This is Kirk Hammett from Metallica, and you're listening to Gilbert Godfrey's amazing colossal podcast Run for Your Lives. Frank went out to be. Now they're back so they can be on their amazing colossal podcast Kids. Time to get back to Gilbert and Frank's amazing colossal podcast. So let's go. You you, of course, A very important topic you brought up Sunset Boulevard, boy. Now I got into a talk with of old people. Jackie the joke man about this. Jackie. That's right. Yeah, and and, you know, in the beginning of the movie, she's holding a funeral for her beloved pet chimp. Yeah, right And story. You don't know where he's going here, Patten. No, I don't. Story has it that rich women back then. Like, especially in Hollywood, where this depravity was going toe chimps were trained to perform cunnilingus on eso. These women would by trained chimps to perform cunnilingus on that. This is according to Jackie, Marlon, Jackie Marling and and she. But then I I looked it up on the Internet s. So you went to the verifiable source on the Internet to get the solid information. Let's back up. This could be bullshit. Let's go to the Internet. No, Booth. Want that to be true where they're reporting John Travolta die today? Exactly. Yeah, let's go check that out. That all the old gray lady, the Internet. Okay, but hang on. Let's say that is true. Let's say they were training chimps before calling me Oh, okay, but But when chips get older, don't they go crazy and get funeral? And they're like, break people's jaws and eat their faces off. Like Why? Why did we never hear about some actress getting killed by her pussy eating chimp Gil? Well, the studio with with the fixers Eddie Maddox, they would set fire to the house she was in, and her she would be Well, according part of that story was that Wilder goes up to Gloria Swanson and gives her that piece of direction at the beginning. Yes, yes, Wilder said. Remember your fucking the chimp. It gets better. Remember your fucking the chimp. Alright, we're losing the light quickly on. And you mentioned Ace in the hole, which was also the big carnival. Yeah, Big carnival. And also, you know, the slang term for that movie Waas because it failed so horribly because he was riding such a high. He's like this in the movie. I wanna dio I've got control now and they called it ass in the wringer because it lost so much goddamn money And it was such a bombs, it became like that Pretty ballsy move. Oh, God was so ballsy for its day because it really is a
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