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I'd like to Strangle my Boss

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The song this week is one I wrote for wrestler Adrian Street which he used each
time he entered the's called Imagine What I Could Do To You...I once
jokingly played it to a record producer at a major label who commented that the
world would never be ready for this ended up on Adrian's many TV
videos and paid off my mortgage....that was my lots more!
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if everybody doesn't like your music, you've had a bad night. Um You know, I think you're absolutely right. And uh I think the trouble is that people um forget like Simon cowell's, he wasn't and never would be a person that could actually do the job, but he does no talent at all, hasn't got any as far as I'm concerned. Well, you know, you know, he was on a record called Wonder Dog, I didn't know this, I used to play Wonder Dog. It was a little, you know, it was a good little record actually. But the trouble for me is the difference between really somebody that can play and somebody who can clown about while somebody else is playing. I think that's the that's the sort of difference now. And I think, you know, things like the quality, as you say, people don't particularly worry too much if they enjoy what they hear and you and I, we grew up on hearing, and unfortunately the video side took over. So when they talk about video killing the radio star, there's an element of truth in that, you know? Yeah. The thing is with live gigs, you know, if you're doing clubs, it's a different kettle of fish because people are listening. But if you're doing, we were a function band and you're playing to people who want to dance and have a good time. So you give them a good time. You know, we used to string all the holiday stuff together via a Spaniard and hands up and all the string it all together. Floor was slow. You have a good time. And as I've always said, it doesn't carry because when people go home, you'll say, oh, the band last night with great, can't can't remember their names, but they were great or the band last night with crap, I can't remember the name, but they were crap. It doesn't carry. You've got to start off again the next time to play. It's like Groundhog Day. And that is what get you in the end. That's what gets through to you in the end. It's that constant barrage of having to start it again. Because, you know, it doesn't carry. When I always say to these young lads go, you know, if you go down that bad or people don't, it doesn't carry. It doesn't necessarily mean, you know, because he starts again next time. And that's how you learn, I suppose. But, you know, After 55 years of doing it, grouping it, you know, I found Solar Wake better, uh, enjoyed that more. Yeah, Well, that's that's been my way of doing things because I do love working with the band. But um it's the fact that you practice and you get good and then suddenly somebody's got either a marital problem or, you know, somebody falls out or you don't want to do certain songs, et cetera. I think it gives you the integrity of doing what you think, which is a bit like Youtube, isn't it? Really? Yeah. Youtube makes Youtube has opened the doors. It's opened the doors to the world. There's no doubt about it. You know, okay. The days of presenting your songs to a publisher, you know, having to do that and giving them the opportunity to say, it's not really what we're looking for. You know, you give them that opportunity there over those days. You know, you don't particularly need radio play either at the moment. Well, nowadays, because, you know, you don't have to gravel to these DJs like vince Tracy. Um, yeah, you know, radio player is important, but you don't actually need it. If you, you know, you can, you can go worldwide instantly. Uh, and it's free, you know, in computer technology, you can give your studio results in your bedroom, you know, so unless you're utilizing a 50 piece orchestra, you won't need a B road. You know, this is what's happened. So the publishers, publishers can whistle for their 50% as far as I'm concerned. You know, as I've always said, show business is 10% show and 50 90% of the business management business and essential. That's it. You know, unless you're old fake with the situation and you geared up to handle the situation, you know, you're not gonna make any money. Other people will, you know, but you won't. So you've got to be well aware, which is why in 1980 I opened my own publishing company and record company. I thought, well, do Michelle, you know, I'm sick. And then what, what you find with, with Youtube now is people come to you. That's the difference because when you come to you and want your stuff, you know, where you've got them, you know, you don't, when you go to them. Oh, I'm not quite sure. This is what you see. That's the problem. You know, with that, that's gone. You know, Youtube. If you know how to handle Youtube and it's free, you go worldwide instantly with your stuff, you can put your band on there, you can kill me a band, you can put your son's on there or anything, you know, anything you poems or whatever. It's fantastic the technology of Youtube. And as I say, it's opened the doors to the world. Well, interestingly enough, Donna, as you're talking, I'm thinking of uh slightly different in the radio thing because basically like you have to go and grovel to the publishers. I didn't tell you the letters that I've written, two radio stations, radio Merseyside radio, Luxembourg radio Caroline. I mean over the years all these things were quite deep. I I used to take the bundle of uh applications and letters and I used to be really, I got to the stage where I was thinking, how many can I get? You know, so I can go in and actually show these people. So when of course they got back on the radio here in spain. Um, it was really, I was very, very pleased about it. Now, of course, we've gone like a full circle again because we've got redundancy because of the recession, nothing to do with what we were doing. We had a great radio station. Uh, and so I started my podcasts. Well, of course, the radio stations that do exist here. It's like one man and a dog can buy a computer, make a list of music call himself vince Tracy or Don Woods Radio and immediately europe and running. And of course now, um, this is my way of handling the fact that that is another problem because people, everybody can do this now. Um, so the only thing that I'm pleased about is there are an awful lot of people who don't do it as well because you can listen and you can hear the amateurs. So, you know, again, it's working through a thing, at least with a song. You you do know yourself whether the songs of good one, some people delude themselves, but you know, you know yourself is a good song. It's a good song. Let's see how many people like it with the program. It doesn't really matter what you do. There's always gonna be somebody like, like a song is going to be somebody doesn't like it. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. You know you can't please everybody. But you know, you see to me I like what I do. I don't put stuff out. I've written songs and just written them off. I couldn't get to the end of the thing. But to me I enjoy recording and to me I'm good at it. You know, I'm not bragging. It's just that you're good at it. That's well that's what I think, you know, and some people, you know, I find that I found the gaps in the market's over the years. That's that's how I've always done it, you know, and I've never sought fame. I'm not interested in being famous or No, no, I just go in, get the money, pitch the thing and get out. That's what, that's what I've always done saying with the band, you know, we were always under the radar. Get in, get your money and get out, you know, and that's how all if you want to be famous, as you say, fame costs, you know, it's just people pointing cameras in your face all the time. You don't need it. That was a great impersonation then, dog, by the way, are you doing impersonations? That was Bruce Forsyth, wasn't it? It won't go there. Listen, done. You've always been Streets Ahead, which is a great linked to our song this week. Tell us about it. This is an example, made of going doing it alone. I once wrote a song for wrestler Adrian Street. In fact, since then I've done several have made an album with them. But this particular song I wrote for him to enter the wrestling ring too. It's I think it's two minutes longer time. So when he comes out of the doorway it lasts until he gets actually in the ring, then it stops, you know, and it's called Imagine What I could do to you. You know, it's about you can break doors down and everything. So imagine what he could do to you, You know, that's the thing. And I once jokingly played it to a record producer at a major label. I went down to London with the stuff. Uh So I'll take this down this record and see what he what he says. I'll just play to him for the left was on vinyl. So I put it on the thing. So what do you think of this? You know, this is And he sat down and as he was playing, his eyes glazed over and there's no end to it it just finished his bank and he looked up and he said is that it? And I said yeah what do you reckon? What do you think? He said what do I think? He said I know it's the worst record I've ever said I don't think the world will ever be ready for it. And I said can I quote you on that? He says yeah so we put that on the label. This is the worst record in history. That song ended up being on MTV. And uh as recorded by me and with Adrian singing it and he went to the States took it over the M. T. V. And it's on all the videos you made and paid off my mortgage. So that's my answer to that fella things just the way song he's ever heard. See There you Go. But I'm not and that's absolutely true the story and and also also don that's a great example of how the world has changed. And I'm not too sure for the better because I watched the cage fighting, you know, the different types of styles get in a cage and you know, where the wrestling was quite I mean it was quite aggressive, there was lots of fun, bit of pantomime, This is nothing like that. If they come in all full of themselves, all you know, the big thing is the way they come in and then it's the way they practically kill each other these guys. Yeah, and unfortunately, I think that's symptomatic of where we've got in society. I still I still like to see nice people doing nice things and in a nice way, so hard to watch that. It is, it really is. I mean, I tend to watch it. Why do I watch it? It's because obviously I was a fighter in, in my judo days, I did play rugby and football and all that sort of thing. Do I like to see people really being beaten about the face and the head? I don't So without any further ado, I think it's time for you to introduce in time on a tradition, the song of the week, Ladies and gentlemen, possibly the worst record ever made in the history of music, which actually paid off my mortgage. It is. Adrian Street sings to you. Imagine what I could do to you? Uh huh. Mm gets me down with everything. I'm stuck with him. So that's the reason why I like to strangle my bus. Mhm I'd like to strangle my boss. He said, I'm gonna tell him when to show his job. I'd like to strangle my boss. He's a fool. He's pathetic and completing other fake. He'll always be a self opinionated, slimy snake. He's a wimp and he's a creep. He's the lowest of the low. He really gets my back up. So I want to know. I'd like to strangle my boss. I'd like to strangle by bus. I'd like to strangle my boss. Shoot, crush that mangled my boss. Yeah, I'd like to strangle my bus. Mm I'd like to strangle my boss. Yeah, I'd like to my, my boss.