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Impeachment polling from Episode 183

From Audio: A Nation in Crisis
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um, you know, I think what we've seen in the, you know in American public opinion is pretty much what we are seeing in Congress, which is, you know, people lining up according to the political party, um, that they identify with We've had polls from CBS News. That's an online poll that they do with you. Gov. Uh, the Quinnipiac Poll. I've now need to refrain from calling it the Q poll because that could mean something completely different. Talk about a problem. Um, ABC News, UNEP, SIS Gallop, the AP and the North Pole and all thought showing pretty much very similar things a majority of Americans do support. Um uh, convicting Trump and having the Senate do that. But what's different among the so CBS polls, 56% Q. It's 50 ABC. It's 56 Gallup. It's 52 nor Kit's 47 and I'm gonna pause on that just in terms of some of the methodologies here. But I think what's what's very interesting is that when you look at these polls, um, three only thing that's really different is the proportion of Democrats and Republicans who are in the poll. If you kind of control for all of that,