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All the influences that got Celine Cousteau down the path of her Grandfather
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first, your parents, I'm curious how they inspired you. Did they paint a picture for you to follow in the footsteps of your father and your grandfather or do they encourage you silly and just go, you know, find your own path, find your own way? How did, how did that happen? There was, yeah, there was no picture painted for me. There was an open door um, to, to whatever questions I had a curiosity. Um you know, obviously a lot of people remember my grandfather, but I equate him with the tip of the iceberg and the rest of 90% of the story is below the surface. Um and you know, my my grandmother is a huge influence. Uh she was aboard calypso and on expedition more than anybody in my family combined. Um and seeing her as a woman aboard the ship and really a key element in enabling my grandfather to do what he did is what I grew up with. Um my mother was an expedition photographer for some 13 years. She would go off for three months at a time when there were no cell phones, there was no facetime, WhatsApp and signal and every other method of communication. It was just like all right, mom is going away for three months and she'll call when she gets to the hotel. Um My dad was always working with my grandfather from as far back as I know. So it was just I was surrounded by this. It's like saying like, oh my my family has a, you know, a dentistry practice, right? It's just what, it's just what's around you. Um I was never told I had to do anything. Um I was told to try whenever I was doing something to do my best at what I was doing. That's the message I have. And I don't remember somebody saying it. I just remember that feeling of um okay you're choosing to do this go for it. There was never any opposition to my studies in psychology or working in a psychiatric hospital. There was never any opposition to studying art hesitancy because I kept changing my mind, but I've acquired a lot of different skills um but it was always around me and so when you're it's like being in water rich, you know this when you're when you're surrounded by it, you can't help but have it infiltrate your cells, it's what happens, that's why being in water is such goodness. Um And so you know after doing my studies and working uh my father was doing the Ocean Adventure series for PBS, I had been working in tourism um as a tour guide and uh regional director for this company in Canada. Um And so I was good at logistics and production and I was like, oh you're in the field, do you need help? And it was really with the idea of like logistics and production. And very quickly it was like kate, you're, you're doing the interviews with the whale scientist. And I was like, I don't know anything about whales, what am I going to ask? But I think that was the point is that it was comfortable in front of the camera. I, you know, I'm happy juggling a whole lot of different responsibilities and I'm curious, like, I want to know from the experts, I'm a generalist, like tell me stories, give me information. So I was asking the questions that the public would probably ask. Um and I loved it. I loved being out in the field. I loved collecting stories and bringing it back and having these amazing adventures with a great team of people that ends up being your extended family. Um, so it was just part of it. I think the all of it are pieces of a puzzle. There was no one moment.