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Inhumane Treatment of Twins Called Better Way to Survive

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A holocaust survivor shares her personal account because she wants the next generations to know the truth.
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It was just terrible. The stench. A little bit about life in Auschwitz. You're being woken up at 5 30 in the morning and you go out. Be counted A roll call. It's called Sale Appel in German, you stand in the role of five this way, and you're being counted and counted again. There's no way of escaping, so she died overnight. So you drag the body out and the body s counted. Or many people went crazy overnight. They were taken away in the girl in charge, also in a striped uniforms or in a great dress. And she tells 55 or six when were taken away. And you're being counted again and again every other day. Mangler comes to do another selection, he says. Are there any twists? If there are step out, you will have a better life. They did, indeed, for a single way because they slept in a regular bet. They had a pillow. They had a sheet. But But the life the experiments that were done on the twins was inhumane. He himself did all the surgery. Dr. Joseph Mangula, with Doctor Dr Brown. She happened toe have the same name as Hitler's future wife. They did operations on them without any anesthesia. They got a little better food. How do we know? Because every time they asked a few of girls to bring the food, tow them. And when we picked up the empty containers, we took a lick of it and it was better again after roll call in the morning. We're going to the bathroom. Big deal. Yes, indeed it is, because if you cannot do what you have toe, you're being beaten with a rubber stick and